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A Greeting from Iraq

Posted by Ryan on November 9, 2005

On vacation from the trials and tribulations of life in Joisey, I’m visiting my homeland, the People’s Republic of Rhode Island, for the week. The purpose of my visit is to spend quality time with my brother, who is home for 15 days from the Sandbox, the 2-Way firing range, the Suck, or as She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Teddy “Fins” Kennedy put it, the Quagmire.
He’s got some great stories and has a positive attitude. He harbors a serious gripe on the media’s portrayal of Iraq. It ain’t great, but it’s getting better. Here are tib-bits that he knows the media is not reporting accurately:

  • The reason that there are so many blackouts in Iraq is simple: the economy is getting better over there, so people are buying more goods that require electricity. Ergo, the grids burnout and blackouts occur: not because of security threats, but because of a vibrant economy!
  • Soldiers that are still active since Saddam’s “Volunteer” (wink, nudge, watch your tongue) Army are doing much better. Privates that back then started at $7 a month 3 years ago, are now making $450 under the new Iraqi Army (ALL VOLUNTEER he adds!). That buys a lot of chai!
  • Contrary to the popular position of the media, from a soldiers POV there is no reason why generally the people of Iraq would ever support an insurgency that is out to subdue or destroy both their prospects and the reality of a better way of life. Anecdote: even the Sunni’s have more of a stake. The Al Quds Power Plant of Northern Baghdad is Sunni run, yet feeds Shiite dominated areas– one gets the power, the other makes the money… not in Saddam’s Iraq or Zarqawi’s Caliphate!

I’ll be checking in sporadically throughout the week with more insights on our struggles abroad!

One Response to “A Greeting from Iraq”

  1. Salinger said

    Thank your brother for me. He is a true American hero, and we all owe him and all our other men and women over there a lot.

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