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A Little More Perspective From the Axis of Right

Posted by Mike on November 9, 2005

From the perspective of a Democrat, an off-year election featuring races in Virginia, New Jersey and New York City must produce two victories for the Democrats or the cycle is considered a failure. Yesterday, the Democrats produced two victories. This was neither a victory nor a defeat. It was a wash. Obviously three Republican victories would have benefitted the voters in those areas, but it didn’t happpen.

A tennis analogy best describes yesterday’s unfortunate events. The Democrats held serve. They won two of three races in a year when the elections were held in two blue electorates. It would have been wonderful for the GOP to break serve yesterday, but despite their failure to do so, the Republican party still leads this match two sets to love. Our party holds the White House, Senate, House and the majority of governorships.

What seats did the Democrats gain? None. They already held Virginia and New Jersey. Their favorite candidate couldn’t even win in New York City. (the City not “progressive” enough for you libbies?) It’s obvious that we’ve come a long way when merely holding serve is cause for Democrat jubilation.

Make no mistake, Republicans should be disappointed about yesterday. Even though the Democrats only held serve, the GOP must always play to win the break points. The Democrats are not the Whigs the yet, but to make them the Whigs requires the GOP to go for the jugular. I want 2006 to be another break point. We have a better shot of winning it than they do. Over the next few days, I will show you why. Then we can make 2008 game, set and match.

3 Responses to “A Little More Perspective From the Axis of Right”

  1. Salinger said

    We are going to lose some battles, but we are winning the war. The hearts and minds of the American people are by and large Conservative. We have ideas and a vision for our country, the Democrats have nothing but attacks and a 30 year-old playbook. What the GOP really needs now, is someone who can present the ideas and values of the Conservative movement to the people of this country, another “Great Communicator”. In the meantime, the Republicans can win back the people by being true to themselves, by being conservatives, and tackling the deficit and spending, illegal immigration, and tax reform. That, along with the supreme court, spell a winning formula for 2006.

  2. Gauvin said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Gauvin said

    I never beleived that style and communication skills should enter the political calculus; however, I now beleive it must. President Bush’s worst failure was/is his communication skills. When he decides to defend his policies at all, he’ll deliver a single speech that the media portrays as damage-control.

    Our next nominee must not allow the media to define reality as their version of it. Substance will trump still trump style in my book, but style is part of my equation now.

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