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British Political Reality

Posted by Mike on November 9, 2005

Prime Minister Tony Blair will go down in history as a great world leader. I consider Tony Blair to be close to the level of a hero, an honor I thought I would never reserve for a socialist. But today we see the reality of British politics.

Even in the aftermath of a great leader emerging from the Labour party, the constant threat remains that the European leftists which infest Labour party could take over the leadership at a moment’s notice. The alternative who would emerge as Labour Party leader if Prime Minister Blair is ousted by his own party will most likely mirror the type of leader the Guardian newspaper craves. (I include Gordon Brown in that description because of the pressure exerted by the anti-American socialist backbenchers).

No one can be certain that a Conservative Prime Minister would share Mr. Blair’s backbone, but you can count on the Tories as the most pro-American of the major parties in the UK. Regardless of its leader, rest assured that we would have an ally in a Tory-led United Kingdom.

In the meantime, God bless Tony Blair!

One Response to “British Political Reality”

  1. Salinger said

    Tony Blair reminds me in some ways of another British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who fearlessly led the British throguh World War II, and was then rejected by the British people when the war ended.

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