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Now I’m concerned

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2005

Republicans seem to be shooting themselves in the foot. First it was ANWR. Next it was spending. Now it’s taxes. I’m not worried about the ’06 and ’08 elections because of what happened on Tuesday. What I am worried about is that the Republicans seem to be ignoring their conservative principles (or at least the principles of those who elected them in the first place). The party right now has no backbone, no spine. Where are the days of Ronald Reagan, “Tear Down that Wall”, the “Evil Empire” and ambitious supply-side economics when dealing with a DEMOCRATIC congress? Where are the days of Newt Gingrich duking it out with President Clinton over the budget, welfare reform, and tax cuts? Republicans today seem to have lost their energy and their spine. That’s what has me worried.

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2006: Let’s Start With the Bad News

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2005

Pennsylvania is not looking good at this point. I know what you’re thinking if you have been following the trash polls that the MSM refers to as scientific, but Rasmussen is legit. He will allow Republicans to enter his sample size and he uses other variables to ensure a scientific sample.

It should be noted that a year out, this poll should be viewed as a mere starting point. Democrat Bob Casey Jr. starts out well because he his pro-life. (or so he claims). Pennsylvania is a state that is home to those lovable pro-life Catholics who would love to vote Democrat but haven’t been given a reason to do so in well over a decade. (think Karen Witiw all you PC alums). With only pro-abortion options at their disposal in the past, these Catholics had no problem voting for Santorum. Now the Democrats have nominated a pro-lifer.

The good news is that this campaign has barely started. Casey’s fall from this in 2002 offers a glimpse of just how bad of a campainger he is. Wait until our pro-life Democrat leaning friends learn that a pro-lifer who opposes strict constructionist judges (and he would, just like “pro-life” harry Reid) is actually pro-choice. Wait until Casey actually opens his mouth. For these reasons, rest assured that this race will tighten.

The clear advantage is with the Democrats on this one. Santorum can no longer count on pro-life economic liberals. Luckily, this will be an off-year election in a powder blue state, meaning that the lemmings turnout won’t be as consistent as ours. Neverthless, Santorum has some work to do.

CURRENT STATUS: Leans Democrat (despite the 2o point gap)

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Elite European Environmental Experts (EEEE)

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2005

My sister sent me the following very true and very humorous email the other day. I thought it deserved to be posted here:

A foregone conclusion to us. A perplexing quandary for the EEEE (Elite European Environmental Experts), who all apparently smoked too much dope during high school economics. Now only if these environmentalist whackos could come to grips with the fact that getting high via nature DOES NOT make one the omnipotent master on the subject of nature. On the contrary, these green peace lunatics haven’t been right about a single one of their senseless theories. Hurricanes have NOTHING to do with global warming, caribou thrive, not die, from drilling in Alaska, and despite popular belief, wasting paper can be remedied by the extremely challenging task of growing a tree. So until there is proof that 1) an excessive emission of CO2 does in fact exist, and that 2) it has nothing to do with nature( i.e. volcanoes, forest fires, and decaying vegetation), but rather the evil industrialized world (i.e. green houses, SUVs, and aerosol cans of hair spray), I say make like the 80’s and spray away.

Our parents raised us both well, wouldn’t you say?

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Liberals Simply Don’t Understand National Security

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2005

Democratic Senator and media-darling Barrack Obama recently criticized Rep. Mark Kirk’s comments that men between the ages of 18-25 from terrorist sponsoring countries should receive heightened scrutiny in the War on Terror.

Obama’s remarks about profiling are not the focus of my disagreement though I disagree with his position. I applaud Senator Obama’s unease with profiling, but he needs to recognize that our desire to avoid profiling must yield if that profiling will increase the liklihood of preventing further attacks or capturing those who would attack.

My problem with Obama’s remarks lie in what they reveal about his approach to the War on Terror. A “public diplomacy process” is not the essential requirement for winning the War on Terror. Capturing and killing terrorists is the essential requirement for winning the War on Terror. The more allies we have the better off we are but we should not abandon focusing on people from terrorist-sponsoring countries in the hopes that others will like us. The stakes are too high.

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Peggy Patronizing Toward New Jerseyians

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2005

Peggy Noonan who seems to be suffering from A.D.D. lately still manages to provide a pretty amusing and IMO accurate description of New Jersey voters:

“New Jersey continues to be blithely uninterested in charges of personal or professional corruption, assuming that politics itself is corrupt and draws a certain kind of practitioner. They’re like Southerners who used to support Huey Long and Edwin Edwards, only without the dizzy assumption that all will be well. They too say, ‘Come on baby, let the good times roll,’ only with a certain pessimism, and dour expressions. This makes them, to me, quite loveable.”


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Posted by Mike on November 10, 2005

John J. Miller at the Corner spells out an argument against George Allen’s run for President that I have heard from multiple sources now. The GOP will have a number of exceptional candidates emerge before the primaries. We can expect arguments for and against all of them. But this isn’t it.

Allowing control of a Senate seat to affect the decision of who will occupy the most powerful position in the world is unwise to put it mildly. I’d call it stuck on stupid. No conservative wants the GOP to lose a seat, but the loss of a Senate seat is a small price to pay when it comes to electing the best possible President. It’s also a small price to pay when it comes to keeping She Who Must Not be Named out of the White House.

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A little more perspective from the Axis of Right: Part II

Posted by Sal on November 10, 2005

The coverage of the elections is again showing the liberal/Democratic bias of the MSM. What did the Democrats win on Tuesday? They won two governorships and a slew of Ballot initiatives in the People’s Republic of California. Not much attention has been paid to the following:

  1. In Texas, a state constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriage was passed.
  2. Virginia’s other major elections, (Lt. Gov, AG) were won by Republicans.
  3. Mayor Bloomberg won in NYC
  4. In Ohio, a slew of “election reform” ballot initiatives sponsored by and the Unions were summarily rejected by the voters.

So while Tuesday was definitely not a banner day for Republicans and the Conservative movement, it also wasn’t the complete disaster as portrayed by the media. It is important to keep this in perspective as we move into 2006, and not lose hope that Conservatism is losing.

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