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Iraq is saved!!!

Posted by Sal on November 12, 2005

Kofi Annan has called for “reconciliation“. Now things are going to start happening! The terrorists will lay down their arms, Iraq will live in peace at the behest of the UN Secretary General, and we can all sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya!

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The Left Thinks You’re Stupid

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2005

Liberals who repeat the lie that the Bush administration misled us into war think Americans are incapable of reading history. The Axis of Right knows better. Here is what they said when they were in power. The political opposition in the U.S. is simply pathetic.

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Bush rebound?

Posted by Sal on November 12, 2005

Is there a Bush rebound in the works? Rasmussen has Bush at 46% job approval today, his highest in the same poll in over a month. It remains to be seen whether this bounce holds or is just a blip, but hopefully better times are ahead for the President.

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