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The genius of the French

Posted by Sal on November 15, 2005

So the Socialist system of France has shown a complete breakdown, and the Muslim immigrant population is rioting nightly. So what does Chirac do? Promise more socialism!!! Instead of tackling the problem by aggressively stopping the rioting, he promises jobs if they just stop! Instead of telling it like it is (a bunch of criminals being criminals), he attributes it to a “Profound Malaise”. Funny, I didn’t see rioting in New York or Los Angeles by the “Disaffected Youths” during the most profound malaise of them all (the Carter administration).

So the French are on their way to trying to appease the rioters. Well, I guess it’s worked well for them before, what with all those previous military victories!

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Posted by Sal on November 15, 2005

An article in Esquire claims that Bill Clinton is the world’s most influential man. Right. And Robert Byrd is the leader of the civil rights movement.

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Republicans Can Pick Up the Rhode Island Senate Seat

Posted by Mike on November 15, 2005

As an ex Rhode Islander who frequently returns to the state, I can report that I received an offensive mailing from this counterproductive campaign. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee continues to waste money (money that can be used to help save Senator Santorum or prop up Mike Steele) attacking Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey.

The Axis of Right has and will continue to support Mayor Laffey in his efforts to remove liberal Lincoln Chafee from his Senate seat. Lincoln Chafee opposes tax cuts, a war in Iraq that removed a terrorist-sponsoring dictator from power, and a ban on partial-birth abortion.

You will note Senator Chafee describes his relationship with the White House as a “non-aggression pact.” Senator, what exactly is non-aggressive about announcing your intention to vote against the president in 2004?

If a Democrat wins the Rhode Island Senate seat, the person occupying the seat will be a liberal. Senator Chafee will indeed win the general election if he defeats Mayor Laffey. If that is the case, the “man” occupying the seat will be a liberal. Mayor Laffey probably wins the general election if he defeats Chafee because he is not a conservative’s conservative and his opponenet will be either a nobody (Matt Brown) or a jackass (Sheldon Whitehouse). In that case, the Republicans gain a Senate seat.

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Limp Frist on Tax Cuts

Posted by Mike on November 15, 2005

Senate “Majority”, um, “Republican”, um, “Leader”, um, oh heck Bill Frist is talking about tax cuts today. His Washington Times editorial says he is for tax cuts. He even explains some of the benefits of lower taxes. I don’t doubt Frist’s conservative credentials, but I do question his ability to move meaningful reforms through the Senate. Remember, Trent Lott was majority leader when the bulk of the “Bush tax cut” passed in the Senate.

That said, our problem in the Senate is probably not Frist. I know his leadership ability isn’t what it probably should be but we must also remember the so-called Republicans who think tax cuts and fighting a war to win are losing positions. We can’t really blame Frist for Chafee.

But we can get rid of Chafee.

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Quote From Ann Coulter’s Website

Posted by Mike on November 15, 2005

NY Times: “Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort” – No, I think he said: “Don’t rewrite history, you lying bastard weasels who saw the same intel I did.”

Ann Coulter


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Posted by Mike on November 15, 2005

The UK is planning to allow some of its pubs to remain open for 24 hours. Conservatives are crying foul? Sounds like someone need a pint.

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