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Mom Dishes Out Unusual Punishment but Is It Cruel?

Posted by Mike on November 17, 2005

I suspect the child will be laughing when she looks back on this years from now. I know I did. Standing on a street with that sign is certainly embarassing but apparently the child’s behavior has improved, at least in the short term. Is the punishment appropriate? I don’t know. I’m not a parent. I’m not that parent.

I do take issue with the professor in one respect. Must a parent wait until it’s too late to reward good behavior? My gut tells me this mom is on to something.

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Speaker Hastert Cuts Through the Nonsense

Posted by Mike on November 17, 2005

House Speaker Dennis Hastert slammed Congressman’s Murtha’s call to withdraw our troops from Iraq earlier today. It appears that the Republican party is now taking seriously its obligation to not only support our efforts in Iraq, but also to articulate the necessity of such actions.

We are beginning to see the Democrat worldview for what it is now that they can no longer continue to rewrite history on this war. Unfortunately their desire for pacifism and appeasement they showed during the Cold War is beginning to resurface. It will take leadership from our President and those in Congress to see this mission through despite the counterproductive carping from the left. President Reagan showed that kind of leadership during the 1980s. I am confident that President Bush and the Republicans can honor Reagan’s legacy by winning this war despite the tactics of the irresponsible opposition.

Speaker Hastert showed true leadership today. We should all be proud.

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Democrats Supporting the Iraq War

Posted by Mike on November 17, 2005

The Republican National Committee has compiled a damning video showing Democrats proclaiming the need to confront Saddam Hussein. Democrats, your days of rewriting history are over.

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“Pro-Defense” Liberal Wimp

Posted by Mike on November 17, 2005

ABC News is reporting that Rep Joh Murtha (D-Pennsylvania) is calling for the withdrawal of our armed forces from Iraq.

We are beginning to see the Democrats reveal their strategy in the war on terror, unconditional surrender. The Iraqi terrorists want us out of Iraq, we comply. What a powerful message that course of action would send to the rest of the world. Sorry Congressman, we are not Spain. We will not take marching orders from the very Baathists who gassed their own people.

This article also gives us a little whiff of media bias as a bonus. Note how ABC refers to a Congressman calling for surrender in Iraq as “pro-defense.” awww. Liberals are so cute when they talk about the military. (so long as they are out of power)

UPDATE: Now the AP is referring to the modern-day Chamberlain as “Hawkish.” I would also like to note that the Congreeman and those who oppose the war will simply rely on their impressive credentials earned in the past rather than respond to the argument that it is unwise to cave in to enemy demands. What is it about issues of war and peace that cause liberals to change the subject?

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Gasoline Prices Falling

Posted by Sal on November 17, 2005

Gasoline prices are falling rapidly. The average gasoline price for a gallon of regular unleaded is currently $2.276 per gallon, below the pre-Katrina levels. Some areas, such as parts of Illinois, are seeing prices below $2.00/gallon. Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, I’ve seen prices hovering around $2.15/gallon.

So much for gas-gouging.

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Bill Clinton (Sometimes the Jokes Just Write Themselves)

Posted by Mike on November 17, 2005

Check out this story from World Nut Daily in which they discuss Clinton’s interview in Vanity Fair. I realize we want to forget about this guy, but we must continue to discuss his pitiful legacy. This is because of the prospect that She Who Must Not Be Named will be on the ballot.

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