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The battle in the House

Posted by Sal on November 20, 2005

Much has been said of Friday’s vote on an Immediate pullout of troops from Iraq. Democrats are claiming victory, the liberal blogosphere is ecstatic that they “didn’t fall for the Republican’s trap), and the media is painting it as a failed attempt to divide the Democratic party.

What has really happened, however, is that the Democratic argument against Bush and the war has been sufficiently neutered. No longer will Democratic congressmen be able to call for pullout. The Republicans also have renewed the same fodder they had against John Kerry last year – the flip-flop. Democrats who were calling for a pullout voted en masse against a resolution that would have called for the pullout. At the same time, the Republicans succeeded in sending a clear message to the world – that we are staying the course. The Republicans are the big winners here, and the Democrats are the big losers — they just don’t know it yet.

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PR Strategy

Posted by Mike on November 20, 2005

Mike Pence is proposing something I have been wanting for years now. In addition to reporting our casualties, the Bush Administration should provide frequent updates on the numbers of terrorists our troops kill. Americans deserve the facts, both good and bad. I wouldn’t compare it to football though.

Changing gears, this article doesn’t seem to understand the real Mark Warner. Unlike Virginia Republicans, the Republican Presidential nominee will not hesitate to focus on Governor Warner’s tax increase. Sorry media, Mark Warner is no Thomas Jefferson.

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