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CNN — Bringing Media Bias to a whole new level.

Posted by Sal on November 21, 2005

Drudge has a photo taken from CNN where they quickly and subliminal flashed a big black X over video of Vice President Dick Cheney giving his speech defending Iraq. CNN could not be reached for comment.

The scandal that is the MSM gets worse every day. If it weren’t so serious, it would be laughable! Just what will happen next? We’ve already had forged documents, now a big X, Cindy Sheehan, The Katrina debacle, Fitzmas, etc. Will there be no end? When will the MSM realize that the reason their ratings are slipping is that they’ve become a big joke?

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The Problem for Senate Republicans

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2005

Byron York hits the nail on the head. Senate Republicans level harsher attacks against conservatives in their own party than they do against Harry Reid. I don’t believe that every moderate Republican needs to be challenged in a primary. Supporting a challenger should only be done under “extraordinary circumstances” (Bet you like that one Gang of 14).

Lincoln Chafee presents extraordinary circumstances. He has consistently votes for higher taxes, a dovish foreign policy in a post 9-11 world and and against spending controls. He even voted against George W. Bush in 2004.

Arlen Specter was another Senator who did not deserve national support. His record includes voting against Judge Bork, expressing regret over supporting Clarence Thomas, supporting abortion on demand, and opposing the impeachment of President Clinton by invoking Scottish law. Any of these positions taken in isolation could be overlooked, but the big picture presented the extraordinary circumstances which justified support for Pat Toomey.

Republicans are Republicans because the Republican party is conservative. Elected officials who undermine and even insult our values do not deserve and will not get our support. Our support will be reserved for Republicans who support what we believe in more often than not.

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Dick Cheney is Presidential Material

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2005

He won’t run but Dick Cheney would be a superb President. He would defeat any Democrat in the current field, especially She Who Must Not be Named. Ignore any poll showing him with low numbers. Few politicians have Vice Presidnet Cheney’s ability to calmly explain the rationale behind his policies. He was underestimated in his debate against Senator Edwards, but the end result looked like a five year old being taken to the woodshed in the principal’s office.

Cheney hits another home run today by explaining not only why it was right to go to war with Iraq but why Democrat calls for immediate withdrawal would embolden our enemies. President Bush’s first decision, naming Cheney as his VP, was one of his best.

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Chris Matthews Officially Loses It

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2005

The person on the other side is not evil, they just have a different perspective.”

This is what Chris Matthews says about our enemies in the war on terror. I’m sorry Chrissy. People who fly airplanes into buildings or blow up innocent civilians with suicide bombs are evil. They cannot be reasoned with. They must be killed.

I think the problem with this delusional pacifist is he simply doesn’t understand the fact that evil exists. As a result, he is naturally squeamish when the U.S. decides to destroy our enemies. Thankfully President Bush recognizes that evil does exist and that it must be confronted and defeated. Thankfully President Reagan understood that as well. Just as important, thank God President Reagan soundly defeated Chrissy’s old boss.

Since 2002, Chrissy’s life long aversion to American strength has been obvious. In 2004, he elevated left wing media bias to a level of overt campaigning the likes of which hasn’t been seen in “objective” journalism in about 100 years. I would have no problem with this windbag’s opinions if they weren’t presented as objective journalism. On second thought, I would have a problem with this opinion. Keep digging MSM.

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Out of the Loop

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2005

I had no idea. It sounds cool though . . . I mean . . . wrong, that is wrong, very wrong indeed.

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And so it begins…

Posted by Sal on November 21, 2005

It looks like the battle over the Supreme Court is beginning. Democrats are galvanizing on the job application of Sam Alito from 1985. Democrats were on the Sunday shows, and for the first time since the nomination, suggested that a filibuster was on the table. We as conservatives must fight and spread the message on Judicial Originalism over activism. There is too much at stake, and we cannot let Judge Sam Alito be “Borked”.

Next week, two abortion cases come before the Supreme Court. One regarding racketeering charges against Operation Rescue (a group whose methods I do not condone, but who are hardly involved in racketeering), and another on parental notification. Let it serve as a reminder of what is at stake in this upcoming battle.

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OK Liberals, What Would You Do?

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2005

Would a reasonable person be “jumping the gun” if he asked whether Iran may be hiding some weapons of mass destruction? Would a person who suggests Iran either has or may soon have weapons of mass destruction be a liar? Iraq did the same thing by denying entry to weapons inspectors. Those who were finally let in announced the targeted sites ahead of time.

If intelligence reveals Iran is getting any closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, what are the options? Should we debate it for over a year to give the Iranians time to move any WMDs they may have? Do we wait until a threat is imminent? Surely some pre-emption should be allowed if the threat appears legitimate.

How close do the Iranians have to come to acquiring WMDs before the world acts? What proof is required? The word of Iranian dissidents? Intelligence reports? Iran’s reaction to U.N. demands? A mushroom cloud?

There is no hindsight available on this question. The MSM hasn’t distorted the issue yet. (At least not as badly as they have distorted Iraq). So liberals, what do we do? And are the people who pay attention to this issue war mongers or liars for suggesting there may be a problem?

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