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Conservatives are the compassionate ones

Posted by Sal on November 22, 2005

Interesting how liberal New England is among the lowest in charitable donations while the conservative south is among the highest. Interesting, considering that New England has a much higher income level.

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Tancredo for President?

Posted by Mike on November 22, 2005

I like Tom Tancredo. He was one of the few politicians ahead of the curve on the need to curb illegal immigration. His message is needed in 2008.

At this point, his entry into the race will help John McCain because the only people who would support Tancredo above all others for President are people who would never vote for McCain in a primary under any circumstances. What candidate Tancredo would do is siphon off some votes from our “un McCain” in a primary, thereby helping McCain.

Those supporting Tancredo at this early stage are gung ho about it. They incorrectly perceive most Republicans as RINOs. (this coming from someone who sees more RINOs than most) This is why I believe they will not hesitate to support Tancredo over McCain’s conservative alternative.

Hopefully a conservative with more impressive credentials who also recognizes the need to curb illegal immigration will run for President.

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Now it’s Getting Obvious

Posted by Ryan on November 22, 2005

I just noticed this story and had to respond! Now it’s getting obvious. They aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. Just check this out. I’m speechless!

ps-Yet, another reason why I do NOT watch CNN!

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How Dare We Call You Anti-Catholic? Here’s How

Posted by Mike on November 22, 2005

A few weeks ago, I posted some advice to those wishing to learn more about the Catholic Church. I advised those seeking knowledge of Catholicism to ignore anything reported in the mainstream media. Here is a perfect example.

This story is misleading for two resons. First, the story leaves the impression that gay people are unwelcome in church. This is simply false. Sexually active homosexuals may not become priests, but all people are welcomed in a church. Second, the article fails to mention that priests are also forbidden to engage in heterosexual behavior. Earth to media: celebacy applies to both gay and straight priests. Then again, the mainstream media squirms at anyone who believes in any form of sexual restraint.

If you want to learn about religion, ignore the mainstream media.

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Fox News – Standing up for truth

Posted by Sal on November 22, 2005

Fox News has refused to air an ad against Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito put out by NARAL, People for the American Way, the Alliance for Justice, and other groups. The reason? The lawyers for Fox News have determined that the ad is factually false, and are worried about liability.

The left cannot win against Sam Alito in a honest debate of ideas. Instead, it must resort to spin, lies, and demonization. Thank God for Fox News.

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Jack Welch offers advice to the President

Posted by Sal on November 22, 2005

Former GE CEO Jack Welch (whom I happen to admire from a business point of view) gave an interview to Fox News in which he encouraged the President to talk up his accomplishments in the economy. The President would do well to listen. The economy is growing at a record clip, yet the majority of Americans (thanks to the MSM) feel that the economy is not doing well. If Bush keeps up his current Iraq PR offensive and sells his economic accomplishments, his poll numbers will bounce right back.

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Ted Koppel is Leaving

Posted by Mike on November 22, 2005

Tonight, Ted Koppel will host Nightline for the final time. Now is not the time to cry, we must remain strong. We’ll get over this. It’ll just take a little time.

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