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Soldier on Leave from Iraq Slams Media’s War Coverage

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2005

I saw Patrick Hynes, Ryan’s brother, at their parents’ house yesterday. His reaction to the media coverage in Iraq: “Oh! So that’s what’s happening in Iraq? Oh really?” According to Pat, the media’s portrayal of Iraq does not even come close to the reality on the ground.

Seeing pictures of American soldiers playing and laughing with Iraqi children who are happy to see Americans was really eye-opening, even to someone like me who doesn’t buy the garbage the mainstream media packages as news. Of course, Pat’s comments would come as no surprise to listeners of the Laura Ingraham Show, as Laura routinely gives air time to soldiers who, like Pat, report of great progress on the ground. Nevertheless, it was different and even more heartwarming to hear the good news from someone I know.

Thank you for what you do Pat! All of the members of this website can’t wait for you to come home again. Now I will go do my Neo impersonation. (Inside joke with the Hynes family).

3 Responses to “Soldier on Leave from Iraq Slams Media’s War Coverage”

  1. Ryan said

    Verily! Verily!

  2. Big Sister said

    It seems that Rolling Stone and Maxim have an article every month about how soldiers come back from the war and can’t get adjusted to their old lives. Do you think there will ever be articles about soldiers like Pat who have no problems assimilating back into society and their families? Should I hold my breath….

  3. Ryan said

    Hey Big Sister! Of course, there will be… if the libs get a major defeat of Bush or the Republicans. Notice how homelessness was CAUSED by President Reagan and mysteriously diappeared for 8 years under Clinton only to return upon the inauguration of Bush in 2001. The MSM will find their moment and try to reassert some legitimacy at some point. Either that or the returning vets need to speak more loudly upon their arrival about the true state of things in most parts of the Sandbox and the return to civilian life.

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