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How was this guy EVER considered funny?

Posted by Sal on November 28, 2005

Al Franken is mouthing off again, this time about Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’Reilly. But somehow his jokes are not at all funny. I think it’s time for retirement for Al.

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Chris Matthews’ Brother to Run for Lt. Governor

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2005

James Matthews (R-PA) is running for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. Many of you are probably more familiar with his sister, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. I wish the brains of the family the best of luck in his race for Lt. Governor.

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Duke Cunningham Resigns

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2005

Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham resigned today after pleading guilty to taking bribes. There is no place for this sort of unethical and illegal behavior in Congress or in the Republican party. This resignation is a good thing. Cunningham should be punished for his crimes.

See how easy that is you libs? Notice how I didn’t start ranting about how everyone does it or how no attack has ever fed a hungry child?

I also love how the article attempts to eqaute Duke Cunningham with Tom Delay, Bill Frist and Vice President Cheney. The difference is that Cunningham is guilty. The latter three are not. The media simply can’t help themselves.

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Liberals Don’t Understand the Military

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2005

There are many things liberals don’t understand about America. The military is a good example. Unable to see the virtue in a strong America, liberals perpetuate myths such as our volunteer forces don’t really volunteer, only poor people enlist, only black people enlist, and that our troops engage in tactics reminiscent of the Soviet Union. (At least I was finally able to find a liberal criticizing the Soviet Union).

People who risk their lives to protect the values honored by our country understand the greatness of America. Liberals fail to see the greatness of this country. There are a few exceptions, namely Joe Lieberman and Ed Koch, but for the most part, liberals see America as the problem. For this reason, they fail to grasp why anyone would risk their life to protect this country. And this is why they are so quick to believe anything spewed out by the likes of Charlie Rangel. Add the military to a long list of things liberals don’t understand.

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Tree Fell in the Forest

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2005

Apparently, there were 200 war protesters in Crawford over Thanksgiving. That’s a far cry from this summer’s celebrations. It appears that war protesters are losing steam. I wonder when the media will start reporting the loony left’s “slipping numbers?”

I wonder what the media will report after the war when soldier after soldier scolds them for their disgraceful coverage?

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