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Taking a break from it all

Posted by Sal on November 29, 2005

There are times when one just needs to take a break from everything, from the hectic schedule of day-to-day work in Corporate America, and even from the normal household tasks. And sometimes it’s also important to take a break from the news cycle, from the constant reaction to the negative news that is forced on us daily by the MSM. It’s a good time to ponder that politics is not all that’s important in life.

That’s why for the next five days, I’m leaving my job, my obligations, and yes, following the news, behind. I plan to not pay much attention to news events over the next five days, get a needed break, and come back refreshed. I won’t have my computer on me (which is saying a lot, since I work in the technology industry), my cell phone will be off, and I just plan to spend time with my wife (Mrs. Sal), relaxing, and enjoying life.

So until Monday, I leave you to the infinite wisdom of Gauvin and Ryan. Have a great rest of the week, and a great weekend. I know I will.

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“Pacifism is a Form of Suicide”

Posted by Ryan on November 29, 2005

So says my brother in many of our discussions on the philosophy of war. You can be against a war, but understand that wars must take place to reach certain positive ends. Otherwise, you could be in serious trouble, putting your life in danger. This article demonstrates how peace activists in a war zone are highly misguided and putting themselves in harms way unnecessarily. If they want the fighting to end sooner, they could join up and fight… I hope it turns out OK for them, though.

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Abortionist Admits Some Lives are More Valuable than Others

Posted by Mike on November 29, 2005

WARNING: Fairly graphic description of abortion procedure in the link.

At least this abortion “doctor” is honest. He admits that abortion destroys life but justifies it on the grounds that his “patients” are “born again.” Any abortion debate should focus on what the procedure is, the killing of an innocent human being.

This article shines a spotlight on the kinds of reasons underlying the overwhelming majority of abortions. Aborting a child for the sake of convenience is not only selfish but cold-blooded as well. No person should have the right to kill an innocent child. It is irrelevant whether the motivation is to finish a volleyball season or delay med school.

Sacrificing one life for the convenience of another shows an utter lack of respect for human life. A culture is in grave danger when some people are allowed to determine whose lives may be sacrificed for the convenience of others. I pray for an end to our nation’s silent holocaust.

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If only more Democrats were like this (and more Republicans)

Posted by Sal on November 29, 2005

Sen. Joe Lieberman recently returned from Iraq, praising the President for the plan and the successes that have taken place in Iraq. It is refreshing to see someone stand up and speak the truth on Iraq, that things are going well, that we have a plan, that the plan is working, and that we are winning. He also suggested that the President should emphasize the successes more to the American people. The President would do well to take his advice.

I also would like to see more Senators have the courage and convictions of Sen. Lieberman in this matter (both Democrats and Republicans would do well to follow his lead). I don’t agree with him on a lot, but he is right on this.

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