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Rumor Mill

Posted by Sal on December 8, 2005

Rumor has it that Donald Rumsfeld is going to retire after the elections, and that Lieberman will succeed him as Secretary of Defense. I actually think that this would be an excellent choice. There is nobody tougher on national defense in the United States Senate than Joe Lieberman. It would also add a touch of irony that the secretary of Defense is a Democrat. Sen. Lieberman may be a liberal in many other areas, but he could be just the person needed to help continue the fight in the war on terror and take it to Iran and Syria if necessary.


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A memorable experience

Posted by Sal on December 8, 2005

For the past two days I’ve been absent (yet again) from posting. This is because I’ve been in Virginia, where my company has been doing some work for the CIA (yes, that is the Central Intelligence Agency). Aside from the constant jokes by the staff I was working with (saying “That’s Classified” to everything, or “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you”, and the unbelievable security measures, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, the most memorable part of the two days was when one of the people I was working with took me on a brief tour of the general part of the building (obviously the non-classified part). The CIA is not open for tourists, so I consider myself lucky to have been able to see it. What struck me the most, was in one of the entrance lobbies, there was a memorial for those who have given their lives in service to the CIA. Each year since the 1950s displayed the names of those who had been killed in action that year, along with a star preceding their name. There were many lines, however, up to almost half, with stars and no names. This was due to the agents who had died whose identities are still classified. The book is reviewed every year, and names are sometimes written in after the fact. But it just struck me that there are these people, known only to a few, who have given their lives in protection of our liberty and our freedom to get information that could save many lives and preserve our freedom.

It is very popular and common (except in the Democratic Party) to praise the military and our troops as the heroes who have risked their lives and shed their blood for our freedom and security. This is as it should be. Our soldiers deserve our support, praise, and admiration for all that they do. But let us also not forget those members of the intelligence community, the CIA and others, who have given their lives for the very same cause, often without any opportunity for recognition or remembrance.

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Mark Levin’s Nickname for Hardball

Posted by Mike on December 8, 2005

Mark Levin just referred to Hardball with Chris Matthews as “Screwball with Screwball.” LOL That may be better than Laura Ingraham’s name for the awful show, “Whiffleball.” I like both though.

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Congress and the BCS

Posted by Mike on December 8, 2005

Today’s Congressional hearings regarding the BCS . . . What? . . . Our politicians are even sticking their noses into football now?! Good grief.

The more I think about it the more I realize Peggy Noonan hit the nail on the head a few months ago: “What is wrong with them? This is not a rhetorical question. I think it is unspoken question No. 1 as Americans look at so many of the individuals in our government. What is wrong with them?”

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This is Why They are Called Islamofascists

Posted by Ryan on December 8, 2005

Rather than objectively look at the real reasons behind the plight of the Palestinians, Iran chooses spew this garbage. I guess it’s Israel’s fault that their historic and cultural home happens to be in… well… Israel!

  • Why don’t some of these angry Muslim nations increase their charitable giving and political assistance to the Palestinians in their time of need? Oh, that’s right… that would mean that they would care MORE about the Palestinians, than hating Jews.
  • Declaring that Jews/Israel should go to Europe? Iran could simply go to hell.
  • Maybe they can give part of their land to the Aryans that were there before they were?
  • Perhaps the Phoenecians have dibs on Israel BEFORE the Palestinians get their chance? Even so, the Jews were there before the Muslims were… oh dear, oh dear…

Nuts to that! Iran is trouble… they aren’t even Arab, they despize Arabs, but the Palestinians are their brothers? Perhaps in just hating Israel.

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Nevadans at Risk

Posted by Mike on December 8, 2005

Most people don’t pay attention to an election a year out. However, this poll suggests that Nevada is at serious risk of contracting lib disease Dinatitus. Rasmussen polls are good ones but we must remember the election is a year from now and Congressman Gibbons still leads. The Republican will pull away as more voters pay attention. After all, knowledge and education are effective in preventing lib disease Dinatitus.

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The More Things Change . . .

Posted by Mike on December 8, 2005

We rightly remember Winston Churchill as a hero who had the courage to confront and help defeat Nazi Germany. But as Rick Richman reminds us, Churchill did not enjoy universal support at the time. In fact, he faced the same kind of senseless carping that President Bush has to deal with today.

President Bush is not Winston Churchill, at least not yet. Most of today’s Democrats on the other hand, are no different than the short-sighted appeasers and opportunists who tried to undermine Churchill. History treated Churchill well because what he did was right. History will treat George W. Bush just fine if he stays the course and ignores the lunatics on the far left (i.e. the Democrat party).

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