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Friar Basketball

Posted by Mike on December 9, 2005

Bill Reynolds of the Providence Journal discusses the declining interest in college basketball in the State of Rhode Island. I think Reynolds oversimplifies the issue, but his observations are nevertheless valid.

Our beloved Friars have a proud basketball tradition thirsting for revival. I am hopeful that PC can make some needed changes, such as better student seating, heightened scrutiny of Coach Welsh’s performance, a more enthusiastic infusion of Friar spirit from orientation until graduation (i.e. eliminating the influence of Sharon Hay and her ongoing 14 year daydream), and thinking long term, an on-campus arena. Now that Providence College has a President who at least knows what a basketball looks like, maybe some of these changes can be forthcoming.

WARNING: Rhode Island’s newspaper of record (hold on… must clean coffee off computer screen…..) requires free registration. Just type in 555-5555 as your phone number. They’re too dumb to notice.

3 Responses to “Friar Basketball”

  1. msally6279 said

    I agree with most of your analysis Gauvin. Welsh has received a free pass from the school and most of the community. For example, he has never proven himself in any tourney games, AND he had the highest scorer [Ryan Gomes] in Friar history on his team last year, and the Friars still had about a bazillion one basket losses. You don’t lose that many one/two point games because of GOOD coaching. Also, having the students more involved in the basketball games and program would be highly effective. I do disagree with you in one aspect however. Although I’ll concede that the outdated Dunk is a major concern for the program, I don’t believe an on campus arena would be all that beneficial. Let’s not forget that having an off campus arena allows the Friars to skirt the NCAA regulation which prohibits the vending of “adult beverages” at games. Opposing teams agree in unanimity that the Dunk is one of the most difficult arenas to play at. I may be going out on a limb here, but I do believe that drunk obnoxious heckling fans may have something to do with that. Perhaps an alternative solution could be a new and/or renovated downtown arena. This would not only improve the prospect of reviving the Rhode Island basketball tradition, but it would also significantly enrich an already thriving city of Providence.

  2. Gauvin said

    AS a clarification, I agree with what MSally is saying. I see an on capus arena as more of a long term solution which would have to be contingent upon infusing some more Friar energy into the administration and student body. We’re simply not there yet.

    I will not support an on campus arena until PC demonstrates an institutional commitment to winning. This would include pursuing a high profile coach if Mr. Welsh doesn’t clean up his act and institutionalizing a “Friartown” spirit in the student body. This could be done in a number of ways. Drafting unique words to our fight song if those words aren’t already written and teaching that fight song ad nauseum from orientation throguh graduation would be a start. One technique effective at Notre Dame is the wearing of a uniform color by students at games. We could do black or white but not both and certainly not neither.

    At this point, the on-campus arena would be ineffective, (like Scneider)specifically because of apathy in the PC family. I just want to a see the program reach a point where adult beverages aren’t necessary to pump up a crowd. As of now, we couldn’t fill the Dunk when we were playing a Nationally-ranked team coached by a Friar legend, all with adult beverages freely flowing.

  3. Gauvin said

    As should not have been capitalized in my comment. I hear that’s internet for yelling. That was unintentional.

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