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I Was Just Complaining About This!!!

Posted by Ryan on December 10, 2005

Proof that Annie C and I are humming the same tune! I wasn’t complaining about Ronnie Earle like Annie C does, but I was moaning about Bill Schneider.

Bill Schneider from CNN is so inept, that I seriously watch him for a good laugh. I have collegues (who actually teach children) that think Bill’s analysis is valuable when getting into political discussions with me! Whereas most political commentators tend to at least APPEAR to have taken at least ONE political science course in college, Bill Schneider, or “BS” as I will refer to him hence, is so ridiculous that he once said (with a straight face, I might add) that the pig’s winter temperment in Iowa last year would determine who would win the caucus!!! I guess Kerry got the pig vote…(huh?)

Even Eleanor “Wha, Wha, Wha” Clift sounds as if she knows something! (Be that they are wrong things… it is still SOME thing.) BS is not even a commentator that I watch when trying to divine where the Dems are on any given day. (Sun Tzu: Know thine enemy.) Even the homespun, CBS Sunday Morning malarkey has a hokey quality that can be appreciated at a superficial level, as if you think, “Wow, some old couple in the Midwest are probably enjoying that piece on the Woody Guthrie collectible plates in a Hopi village outside of Alberquerque.”

But, I digress. Annie C, whose birthday was December 8 by the way, has a more substantive and stinging assessment of our friend, CNN’s own B.S. commentator. Read it– it’s good!

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