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President Bush Press Conference

Posted by Mike on December 19, 2005

The President is on fire for the second day in a row. First, he explained his position that the war on Al Qaeda is not a matter of law enforcement, but a war. Then he took Harriet Reid to task for bragging about how he was going to kill the Patriot Act. Then he discussed the economic growth which resulted from his tax policies. Now he is offering support for Judge Alito. Where have you been Mr. President? This is the man I voted for.

Questions from the old media haven’t started yet but let’s see how irrelevant they are.

UPDATE: Q & A has started and Bush is being Bush. This is when he is at his best. My favorite answer had to deal with this “spying” nonsense we have heard about. President Bush explained that people who leak how information about terrorists is gathered allow terrorists to switch tactics, thereby endangering the lives of Americans. SLAM!

You can tell this presser is going well because CBS asked the old liberal standby question: “What was your biggest mistake?” The President didn’t take the bait. He stood by his decision to go to war with Iraq.

UPDATE 2: To paraphrase the President: The Patriot Act enables us to “connect the dots.” Let the Senators from New York and California go back home and explain to their constituents how killing the Patriot Act will make their cities safer. The President destroyed the media and the Democrats today. I can’t wait for the State of the Union.

2 Responses to “President Bush Press Conference”

  1. Chris said

    Speaking of the “old media,” say it isn’t so when it comes to their political leanings.

  2. Gauvin said

    LOL. I believe Rush would have led this story with Duh Da Lup Duh Da Lup Duh Da Lup. It took them how many years?

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