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These people are twisted…

Posted by Sal on December 19, 2005

If Valerie Plame was so secret and covert, why is she continually posing in magazines? First there was Vanity Fair, now this:

I really don’t know what to say about this one.

2 Responses to “These people are twisted…”

  1. Gauvin said

    I think I know what I want to say. First, this photo coupled with that one of them in Vanity Fair clearly show these people are obviously in love with themselves. Second, I take exception to the caption describing Val as an outed spy. Everyone in Washington knew about her. Third, that photo looks like a Hitchcock film.

  2. Chris said

    Is it me or have you ever noticed that whenever this guy is on TV or featured at a press conference, he seems to be sweating profusely or looking like he has stage fright ? I think I figured out why…because he is a liar and he’s not looking forward to the day when the majority of the thinking, educated Americans find out he’s a fraud (wait..that already happened).

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