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Union Thugs in a Bubble

Posted by Mike on December 20, 2005

Kudos to GOP and the City for framing the NYC transit strike like no other media outlet. When you think of it in those terms, we have yet another example liberals failing to understand the world they live in. We see this all the time in their attitude toward Christians and all things southern, but you know the libs are losing it when they’re out of touch in NEW YORK CITY.

2 Responses to “Union Thugs in a Bubble”

  1. Ryan said

    Great site! Even my boss had a few things to say about the Transit Worker’s largess. Is it true that Ed Koch is behind the city in this one?

  2. Chris said

    Koch is beind the city on this one and good for him! This strike is shutting down the city and has negative ramafications on not only the patience of New Yorkers, but also the NYC economy and security. They (the TWU) claim they are doing this in support of the middle class, being that the middle class uses the transit system, but it’s hurting the middle class because they either have to lose a day’s pay or pony up for a cab…and don’t even think about driving in NYC. I’m glad somebody said it and leave it to Rush and his stack of stuff to harken back to Reagan’s PATCO actions .

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