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I Hope It’s True, but It’s Not

Posted by Ryan on December 21, 2005

Saddam gets beaten up! It would be a good start, but you know he’s just playing to the American media and Democratic sympathizers. I bet he wished he used his gun down in the spider hole back in the day!

I feel SO upset! I guess our guys aren’t hitting hard enough, and I guess they didn’t take notes from Abu Graib. This is sorely disappointing. American MP’s can beat him worse than this! I’m insulted.

Is anyone buying this? If so, please post! Id’ love to hear what you think!

One Response to “I Hope It’s True, but It’s Not”

  1. Chris said

    Mega-dittoes to your post, Ryan. In terms of the presiding judge, he has no control and lets Saddam run his mouth off. He reminds me to much of this guy , but if this judge or someone similar were running the show, Saddam would definitely keep his mouth shut.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS (not Happy Holidays, as the PC libs would rather us say) to you and the other ‘Axis’ contributors.

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