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Union Thugs To Return to “Work”

Posted by Mike on December 22, 2005

I say we fine them anyway.

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Disappointment in Steve Laffey

Posted by Sal on December 22, 2005

Anchor Rising, a Rhode Island conservative blog, has a story regarding the position of Steve Laffey on drilling in ANWR. Unfortunately, Steve Laffey is against the drilling. His stance on drilling and on so-called “Big Oil” is unfortunate, as it plays into the hands of Democrat talking points, and is just flat-out untrue. It is especially disappointing because Rhode Islanders need a better Senator, and Steve Laffey is far superior to Lincoln Chafee, hence the reason that Axis of Right has endorsed Steve Laffey, and continues to do so. Rhode Islanders, please call the Steve Laffey Campaign office and urge him to change his stance on ANWR. It is vital to our national security, and would even better differentiate him from Chafee.

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