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Bush Approval Milestone

Posted by Sal on December 23, 2005

Along with Gauvin’s theme that the tide is turning, Bush’s job approval has reached 50% for the first time since July in the Rasmussen poll. This is most likely in response to:

  • The continued success in Iraq finally being made known to the public through the elections, the Bush Speech, and the Press Conference.
  • The fact that most Americans like the fact that the NSA is spying on evil terrorists and working to prevent another 9/11.
  • People finally figured out that the economy is doing incredibly well
  • The Democrats are looking really soft on Terror, with the NSA story and the Patriot Act.

This is a nice way to end the year in politics and move into the Christmas holiday

Merry Christmas everyone!

One Response to “Bush Approval Milestone”

  1. Ryan said

    I have been keeping a close eye on Rasmussen because his sampling and methods are relatively consistent. I did spend some time ignoring the numbers themselves, and focusing just on trends, but with Bush at 50% it seems that we’re back to normal ordinary time. Sigh.

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