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Hollywood Horror

Posted by Ryan on December 26, 2005

Surfing this morning I found this little piece that illustrates something I have been thinking for a while now.

I have always thought it to be an intellectually weak position to be “for the troops but against the war.” Our friends in much of Hollywood have reinforced this idea by apparently refusing to entertain the troops in Iraq because, as the article says, it “might been seen as endorsing the war.”

So, this article demonstrates that apparently the mission and the strength of their feelings towards the troops are coming into conflict. However, by their previous logic you COULD support the troops without supporting the war. I thought it was the partiotic right of libs find ways to insult the Commander-in-Chief, cry about the quagmire disproportionately loud, and undermine the overall war effort… while STILL supporting the troops (who happen to be under the command of Bush, and so forth.)

I’ve always had a problem with that position for this very reason. It’s a weak position that reeks of politicism, which should disappear at the water’s edge in times of war. It might be called We-Want-Another-Vietnam-Because-We-Thought-We-Were-Cool-Back-Then Syndrome, which infects college mushskulls, liberal elites, conventional wisdom junkies who try to sound smart and posh to libs they want to impress at “the good” parties, and of course Hollywood actors.

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