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Hollywood Horror

Posted by Ryan on December 26, 2005

Surfing this morning I found this little piece that illustrates something I have been thinking for a while now.

I have always thought it to be an intellectually weak position to be “for the troops but against the war.” Our friends in much of Hollywood have reinforced this idea by apparently refusing to entertain the troops in Iraq because, as the article says, it “might been seen as endorsing the war.”

So, this article demonstrates that apparently the mission and the strength of their feelings towards the troops are coming into conflict. However, by their previous logic you COULD support the troops without supporting the war. I thought it was the partiotic right of libs find ways to insult the Commander-in-Chief, cry about the quagmire disproportionately loud, and undermine the overall war effort… while STILL supporting the troops (who happen to be under the command of Bush, and so forth.)

I’ve always had a problem with that position for this very reason. It’s a weak position that reeks of politicism, which should disappear at the water’s edge in times of war. It might be called We-Want-Another-Vietnam-Because-We-Thought-We-Were-Cool-Back-Then Syndrome, which infects college mushskulls, liberal elites, conventional wisdom junkies who try to sound smart and posh to libs they want to impress at “the good” parties, and of course Hollywood actors.

4 Responses to “Hollywood Horror”

  1. Chris said

    That phrase “for the troops, but against the war” is disgraceful and basically nothing but a liberal poppycock way of trying to have it both ways. In October, I met Ollie North and discussed this phrase with him. He put this ridiculous phrase in a great context: “It’s like telling your wife or girlfriend, I love you very much, but I hate this, this and this about you.” Quoting Ollie, “If I said that to Betsy, I’d be on the street.”

  2. Gary said

    You NeoCons are just as bad as the Extremist-Liberals when it comes to dealing with those that disagree with your ideology!

    I am a Conservative Independent that Served Our Republic in both the Air Force and Army. It was a honor to wear the Uniform and Serve Our Citizens. And by Serving Our Beloved Land and by JUST being a Citizen I have earned the RIGHT to EXPRESS my thoughts and feelings THRU THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH on what is going on in Our Republic and Our Government!…ALL CITIZENS HAVE THIS RIGHT AS GUARANTEED BY OUR CONSTITUTION!

    As a Free Citizen of The Republic I speak on the issue of the war in Iraq and the “war on terror”. And I SPEAK LOUDLY not only on this subject but also on SUPPORTING THE TROOPS!

    I support my brothers and sisters who Serve Our Republic! I have friends who are deployed to Iraq. I have had friends who Served in Afghanistan. I Served during Operation Noble Eagle and protected Our Beloved Land. And what ever the political climate in Our Government of WE THE PEOPLE, I will SUPPORT those who SERVE!

    And as a Free Citizen of The Republic (not empire) I have spoken and will continue to scream aloud of how the current leadership of the NeoCon-Corperate-Zionist-British Empire Lovers in Our Nations Capitol are driving Miss Liberty to Mrs. Empire by the same destructive process of the Extremist-Liberals agenda of dismantling the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!

    I will continue to SPEAK LOUDLY against this ILLEGAL war in Iraq with the FREEDOM granted by OUR Republics’ Constitution!…and all the while SUPPORT OUR ARMED FORCES!…because it is their SACRIFICES thru Our Nations History that has protected the Citizens RIGHTS to do so!

    I will proclaim from the rooftops that this ILLEGAL war is based on two agendas…OIL and ISRAELS LIKUDITES POLICY OF ETHNIC CLEANSING OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE (Christian and Muslim both) AND THE BUILDING OF “THE WALL” IN THE WEST BANK!

    I will tell you and those that I encounter that I am a Christian…a wretched sinner…but a Christian! And I will continue to say that I don’t think that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, The Messiah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, The Son Of The Living GOD! Whorshipped, Praised, And Honoured Along With The Father And Holy Spirit, The-Three-In-One And One-In-Three…would have encouraged this war in Iraq or Our America’s giving a blank check and looking the other way to the secular state of Israel! Our Lord is Merciful, Loving, and Gentle! And not speaking for The Almighty…but from my understanding of Holy Writ…He would not bless our behaviour as a Nation.

    I write these thoughts to you…I am only a uneducated peasent…but I am a Free Citizen of Our Republic!

  3. Gauvin said

    You libs are so cute when you’re out of power. I didn’t catch the part where Ryan said you didn’t have the right to express your uninformed opinion. In fact, your comment makes clear that you can.

    Your comment also indicates that you know nothing about the Constitution. The First Amendment does not guarantee someone the right to be free from criticism. Your speech will be criticized when it is moronic. It’s childish to expect otherwise.

    Moreover, I notice you didn’t cite a statute which rendered the Iraq war illegal. That would be because there are none. Congress authorized the use of force pursuant to Article I of the Constitution. The President is commanding the troops pursuant to the powers granted to him in Article II of the Constitution. Those are specific powers granted by legal documents. Until you cite a law declaring this illegal you will continue to sound like a moonbat.

    Your understanding of history is also obviously as incomplete as your knowledge of the Constitution. Empires remain in the areas they conquer and administer the lands themselves. Assimilation often occurs as well though not always.

    You are also ignorant of simple rules of the playground of which even six year olds are familiar. Israel built their wall to prevent suicide bombers from terrorizing its people in lands occupied by Israel as a direct result of Arab invasions in 1948 and 1967. Those invasions were acts of bullying. The appropriate resonse to a buly is nether cowardice nor appeasement.

    Yes Gary, you write as a citizen of this free republic. But as far as I can tell, you also write as someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Fear not, the new year will bring another round of elections for your side to lose.

    In the meantime, try reading the Constitution. What you find may surprise you. Scratch that, what you find will certainly surprise you.

  4. Ryan said


    First of all, as Gauvin has stated in past conversations, “Neo-Con” is not a bad word even though it was given to the breed of conservatives who can see that the world has changed since Barry Goldwater, and would prefer to continue to win elections rather than settle for the “glory days ” of the past (read Vietnam, libs!). “Liberal,” however, was a word that libs gave to themselves, so they have only themselves to blame for that moniker and what it means today.

    Secondly, I’m not going to play the game “well I know people in Iraq so my point fo view is right.” Yes, my brother is in Iraq as we speak and will be there for 4 more months, and a friend from college was shot through the leg by the Taliban in Afghanistan last year. Does this make me the moral authority on free speech and the war in general? Does that mean I MUST obey the dictates of the insidious George Bush? Not at all, but those facts do not impede my ability to see what is going on over there and the issues surrounding the Constitution with clarity.

    Thirdly, that is not so say that dissent is bad either. But to paraphrase a point Gauvin makes below, we have a right to speech but there is no right to be heard. We are not forced to listen to anyone’s rantings by law (maybe sometimes by circumstance, but as a legal). Issues must be won in the arena of ideas.

    That’s why elections matter. We had an election. Despite the real and understandable feeling of animous the Dems had after 2000 (let’s face it the last confirmed time that happened was 1888), 2004 was their chance to make the world right for themselves. And they tried very hard. But, it didn’t work. Bush did not hide from his Iraq position, the fact that he’d appoint conservative judges, or continue to support Israel. Blame the UN in 1947, or President Truman for the “Israel” issue. Even BJ Clinton was quite pro-Israel, sending James Carville over to organize the campaign for Ehud Barak against BB Netanyahu.

    So I disagree with Gary, and believe that Chris has a point, and Gauvin too. I obviously believe that dissent is healthy (think how Republicans felt for the 40 years the Dems held BOTH houses!!!), but no one’s point of view is infallible. Immediately resorting to “fascist”, “Zionist conspiracy”, etc., only weakens the strength of one’s argument because it’s not rational; it’s emotional.

    If I could give our liberal friends a Christmas present (which I’m sure they’d accept, despite any reservations), it would be a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself from time to time, your head can’t experience emotional release in a positive way, emotion trumps reason, and you get the state of the modern Democratic Party: the economy has to collapse, we have to lose a war, and the International community must hate us for them to win power back. I’d think that’s funny, if my instincts didn’t tell me otherwise.

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