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Which Party Supports Voter Fraud?

Posted by Mike on December 29, 2005

Georgia state Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (You Guessed It, Democrat) is vowing to repeal the state’s new law requiring voters to show identification at the polls. In fact, her oppostion to this common sense law is so extreme she’s comparing her struggle to the civil rights movement!

Why is it always Democrats who oppose requiring people to prove that they are who they say they are in order to vote? Answer: because it’s more difficult to cheat if you have to prove who you are. Dead people can’t carry identification to the polls. Moreover, falsifying enough fake IDs so you can vote 10 times can be exhausting.

I ask our readers to remember this and every other instance of Democrats’ opposition to ID at the polls when they try to tell you they detest election fraud.

One Response to “Which Party Supports Voter Fraud?”

  1. Chris said

    Very true…Just another example on how the Democrat party is inconisistent and tries to “Burger King” (‘Have it their way’) their way through the political waters. They may not care about checking IDs at the polls, but if you remember back in 2000, they decided to care about military absentee ballots, when they attempted to nullify them. Think about the meaning of those actions…totally sickening way to treat those who protect our freedoms.

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