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Presidential Authority

Posted by Sal on December 30, 2005

To those who feel that President Bush’s use of wiretapping against terrorists is unconstitutional, a review of this article is in order. In it is commentary from Constitutional scholars, including liberal ones, regarding Presidential authority in this matter, and it concludes by and large that the President does indeed have such authority.

It boggles my mind how so many people can misunderstand and misinterpret such a short, concise document.

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Expose and Prosecute the Leakers

Posted by Mike on December 30, 2005

It looks like the DOJ is investigating the source of the NSA leaks. Assuming they follow through, Michelle Malkin offers her predictions of the left’s reactions.

As for me, I predict the left will accuse President Bush of persecuting them for exercising their right to dissent. Don’t be surprised if this rhetoric is peppered with comparisons to fascism. Then when conservatives accuse the left of over the top rhetoric, people like Alan Colmes will claim that its only the liberal fringe comparing the President to Hitler. Then the elected Democrats will dutifully hold strategy sessions and conference calls with the “liberal fringe“. These Democrat antics could be classified as unintentional comedy but for the fact their behavior endangers national security.

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