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Now Minnesota Wants ID

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2006

Uh-oh. It looks like Minnesota is considering requiring voters to {gulp} show ID at the polls. Once again, guess which party supports requiring voters to prove they are who they say they are? Guess which party is opposes it? Don’t be too hard on the libs though. They need to regroup. If this passes, how are dead people supposed to turn out in droves? I think I sense a baby blue state turning red.

Remember this story the next time you hear some moonbat lib whining about fair elections.

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Who is Steve Laffey?

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2006

This is the question I hear most frequently after telling people Lincoln Chafee needs to be defeated. The question is often asked in various ways. Is Laffey conservative? Can Laffey in Rhode Island? Yes and yes.

Steve Laffey is for the most part a conservative. That is not to say he is as solid as Senator Tom Coburn, but he is far less annoying than Chuck Hagel and far more conservative than the Bobbsey twins up in Maine. He is certainly a significant improvement over Lincoln Chafee. After all, Laffey is pro-life, supports the war on terror, including the front in Iraq, spending reductions and President Bush’s tax cuts.

Even conservatives inclined to support Chafee only do so for pragmatic reasons. No conservative likes or even respects Lincoln Chafee. But there are some conservatives out there who do not want a Democrat to win the seat and rightly recognize that Lincoln Chafee is one vote in support of Republican control of the Senate. The party people (my term for those who blindly support Republicans) are right in that Chafee will win the general election if he defeats Steve Laffey. If that happens, the seat remains in liberal hands, albeit liberal Republican hands.

The electability question is important. Steve Laffey is electable despite his conservatism because he is a conservative who focuses his energy on conservative issues supported even by a majority of Rhode Islanders. Steve Laffey is a man who effectively addresses everyday problems, infuriates labor bosses, and stands up to the ACLU on Christmas. It is a formula proven successful in Cranston, a liberal city which occasionally swings Republican. Rhode Island Republicans who win Cranston in a statewide election always carry Warwick as well and win. Laffey owns Cranston. The two Democrat candidates in the race include an abrasive fool and a nobody. Laffey can and probably will defeat either of the Democrats in the general election. Lord knows he’ll have practice against a Democrat in the primary.

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Another notch in the RINO board

Posted by Sal on January 31, 2006

In today’s Alito vote, Chafee has added another notch in our RINO (Republican in Name Only) board, and now takes the lead with 3.

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Congratulations Justice Alito!

Posted by Sal on January 31, 2006

Axis of Right extends its congratulations to the newest Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, Justice Samuel Alito, by a vote of 58-42. The court now moves further towards the role the constitution intended!

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Is She Still Talking?

Posted by Ryan on January 31, 2006

I just couldn’t let this one go. According to Drudge, CNN’s Fay Wray herself, Christiane Amanpour, would rather be in the mass-murdering arms of that big ape, Saddam Hussein, because, were you aware that now it’s a disaster over there? Apparently, her statements went under the radar beause it was reported on, of all places, CNN.

When she was in Baghdad back in the day, CNN gained exclusive access to Iraq since they were the only American news agency who had a deal to stay in Iraq IF they did not report anything bad. As it turns out, Michael Moore was the only one watching the coverage of the idyllic paradise of Saddam’s New Babylon Spa and Retreat.

CNN whistleblower Eason Jordan spilled the beans back in early 2003 about CNN’s relationship with Saddam– you don’t report the rape rooms and torture chambers, we’ll let you stay in Baghdad. CNN obliged. I’ve voluntarily watched maybe a total of an hour of CNN in the last 3 years as a result. That’s more than many others simply because of that egregiously disgraceful behavior. Apparently for CNN the story is more important than the people involved, as Amanpour proved yet again last night.

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Republicans Supporting Liberals

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2006

Lincoln Chafee has made a career out of infuriating conservatives but Blanton at Red State has a good post on the equally outageous support of this liberal by national Republicans:

“What should be most disturbing for Republicans is that, despite Lincoln proving constantly that he is not a team player, but an indecisive wuss on all issues, Elizabeth Dole’s NRSC has continued to support him in his primary against Mr. Laffey. If Chafee will not vote for President Bush in an election and will not support the President’s nominations to the Supreme Court, he is no better than having a Democrat and the NRSC should stop all help for him.”

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Chafee to Oppose Alito

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2006

Lincoln Chafee will vote no on the confirmation of Judge Alito. The Axis of Right hereby renews its endorsement of Steve Laffey. My check to the Laffey campaign is in the mail. It is time for Rhode Island Republicans to make it clear to Senator Chafee that he has outlived his uselessness in Washington. Laffey for Senate!

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Very touching Blog

Posted by Sal on January 30, 2006

I came across a very touching blog this morning, called Some Soldier’s Mom. The blog is by a mother of two U.S. Soldiers, one who is stationed in VA currently, and one who was wounded in Iraq in August of 2005. If you go back and browse her posts, from Jan. 05 when her son was deployed, to August 05 when she found out he was seriously injured, to now, it is a very touching display of the heroism of the soldiers in Iraq, as well as the families that they leave behind here who every day have to live with the fear that their son won’t return. This woman is also an American hero. In the face of her son’s injury, and all the while that she was deployed, she stayed firmly committed to Victory. This is the anti-Cindy Sheehan, a portrait of the vast majority of the family members of our service men and women. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for people like this woman and her son.

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Irrational Hatred of America

Posted by Sal on January 30, 2006

I want to highlight a comment that was left to a previous post I wrote on the American people’s feelings on the NSA wiretaps and a potential war with Iran. The comment was left by a reader from Australia, and is a perfect illustration of the irrational hatred of America by so much of the rest of the world, and is a perfect illustration of propaganda vs. hard fact. I did my best not to call him a commie, or insult him (because that’s supposedly all we conservatives do, is name-call), even though he did basically call me a Nazi (standard response of the left).

I’d also ask that all regular readers and contributors to the Axis of Right add your thoughts to that post. I’d like to show our Australian friend a good cross-section of the intelligent argument and fact-based commentary that Conservatives really are all about.

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Washington Compost Fails to Understand Rhode Island

Posted by Mike on January 29, 2006

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Compost asserts that the upcoming vote on Judge Alito presents a dilemma for Lincoln Chafee. Cillizza correctly points out that opposing Alito will hurt Senator Chafee in the Republican primary. However, Cillizza’s conventional wisdom regarding the general election does not account for political realites in Rhode Island. Opposing Alito will also hurt Chafee in the general election should he somehow defeat Steve Laffey in the primary.

Rhode Islanders know Chafee’s RINO credentials are second to none. Supporting Judge Alito’s confirmation will in no way “tarnish” that image. Chafee remains a staunch supporter of higher taxes, more government spending on every program under the sun, gun control, countertproductive environmental regulations, legalized abortion, and the appeasement of America’s enemies during a time of war. Supporting Judge Alito will cause some conservatives to support Chafee rather than staying home or casting a blank ballot. Conservatives can forgive RINOs for many questionable votes during a general election. What cannot be forgiven is opposition to qualifed Court nominees who will not legislate from the bench. Chafee lost our support a long time ago, but politically speaking, his chances in both the primary and general election require a vote in favor Judge Alito’s confirmation.

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Liberals in England or Liberals in New England?

Posted by Mike on January 29, 2006

Did the BBC simply cut and paste while writing this? Seemingly lending credence to the assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder, the two subject British Liberal Democrats sound an awful lot like two New England liberal Democrats who shall remain nameless. You figure it out.

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Senator Kennedy?

Posted by Mike on January 29, 2006

Mark Kennedy that is. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Republican Mark Kennedy trailing Democrat frontrunner Amy Klobuchar by one point, 43-42. Despite this deficit (within the margin of error), Kennedy is in a good position. Kennedy does not face any serious primary opposition. The Democrats, however, will be slugging it out in a primary. Moreover, the fact that 2006 is an off-year election in a light blue state will provide Kennedy with an additional boost. Lastly, Kennedy’s fundraising has been solid ever since Senator Coward decided not to run for re-election.

PREDICTION: Republican gain.

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American Heroes

Posted by Sal on January 28, 2006

Mrs. Sal and I just finished watching the movie The Great Raid. For those of you who have not seen it, I highly recommend a rental. The movie depicts the rescue of American POWs in a Japanese internment camp in the Philippines by an Army Ranger battalion during World War II. The movie gives a glimpse of the war in the Pacific – a part of the Second World War not often depicted by Hollywood. This portrayal of the American Soldier in the face of the cruel reality of war and a determined enemy aptly displays their ingenuity, bravery, and most of all their heroism. Inspired by a true story, The Great Raid is sure not to disappoint.

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Challenger Observed

Posted by Ryan on January 28, 2006

I wanted to take this occasion to observe the 20th anniversary of a sad day for the United States. I remember where I was on January 28, 1986, when I heard about the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. I was taking the bus home from school when people started talking about a teacher who was killed that day. As you can imagine: 4th grade + public school + bus can only equal some very insensitive jokes and thoughts about which teachers we would like to see go into space in the same manner.

Of course, I did not really understand the gravity of what happened until I got home. I noticed my mother and grandmother very sad, glued to the TV. That was when I started to figure out that this was big– a tragedy, in fact, since it was unusual to see my mom and memere that disturbed by the news.

During a memorial ceremony later that day, I distinctly remember President Ronald Reagan consoling the families and friends of the fallen astronauts, as well as the nation who shared a collective grief. I really connected with President Reagan– he was always a grandfather figure to me. In that fitting tribure, President Reagan delivered such a poignant line from an old poem describing how those seven astronauts “slipped the surly bonds of Earth” to “touch the face of God.” It was powerful. That day was impactful, not just on the space program or the Cold War, but also on me. Whenever I see footage from that day or Reagan’s speech I get a little sad and sentimental and a little solemn too.

Twenty years later, here at the “Axis of Right” we pay tribute to those fallen heroes.

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You can’t make this stuff up!

Posted by Ryan on January 27, 2006

This is something you’d expect to see on Saturday Night Live. Janet Reno, at a recent fundraiser, performed onstage singing “Respect”. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

See the video here

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The good sense of the American People

Posted by Sal on January 27, 2006

Two polls today show some welcome news about the sense of the American public. The first is a poll taken by the New York Times in regards to wiretapping and monitoring of emails, phone calls, etc. The poll found that 53% of the American People approved of the practice against terrorists (the NYTimes called it a “striking finding”). The NY Times/CBS however, try to say that the people are against it (50% against) if the word “terrorist” is dropped from the question. This gives them their headline “Poll Shows Ambivalence on Wiretaps.” This is absurd, as the premise of the question is all wrong. The President is only monitoring terrorists, and those receiving phone calls from terrorists.

In another poll, 57% of the American Public support war in Iran if it comes to that. I’m glad the American People still have the will to go to war, even with public sentiment against Iraq (if only because of the scandal of the reporting on Iraq). I’m glad to see the American People recognize the need to face this threat, as it is a dangerous one, and we need to be vigilant about it.

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Another Reason Why They Lose

Posted by Ryan on January 27, 2006

Harry Reid demonstrated yet again why liberals and Democrats have been having a hard time over the last 30 years. Reid asserts that George W. Bush is the reason why America’s cities are in such bad shape. Fifty years of liberal social engineering and money dumping has NOTHING to do with it, of course! People know; Dems don’t.

Name me a major city in this country with an entrenched Republican political machine. How about a Republican mayor who has served more than two terms in a major city? How about a member of the Bush Administration who has directly and negatively contributed to the plight of inner cities over the last 30 years? How many times have the major cities voted for a Republican president since Calvin Coolidge?

Very few, my friends, very few. Reid knows he is deceiving people– people that his party has done little to make better educated or more wealthy over the last half-century. People who unfortunately have come to BELIEVE that the government should step in to control their success. When that success doesn’t come, it’s always someone else’s fault. That is one Democratic success that I wish would never have happened. It’s a reason why I hope in 2006 that they continue to lose.

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Freedom of Speech abridged

Posted by Sal on January 27, 2006

Some of you may be aware of recent stories regarding companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft reaching agreements with the Chinese communist government to censor their internet and software content anywhere within the country of China. The U.S. Government is fighting back by bringing in the above-mentioned companies to a conference on the subject, with the possibility of regulation in the future.

The Cold War may be over, but the Chinese government remains a real National Security threat to the United States. The Internet boom in China over the past ten years has given rise to many of the free-market reforms seen in China. By censoring the Internet content, China is attempting to stave off the inevitable collapse of their system of government in favor of a more modern Democracy. The U.S. needs to take a firm stand, much as it did with the U.S.S.R. and Radio Free Europe, and push information into the hands of the Chinese citizenry. This will lead to the eventual collapse of China’s communist party, just as the Soviet Union collapsed 15 years ago.

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John Paul the Great by Peggy Noonan

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2006

From time to time I like to recommend books I believe our readers will enjoy. With that in mind, I enthusiastically recommend John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father by Peggy Noonan. Those familiar with Noonan know that her words can at times seem magical. This book is no exception.

In John Paul the Great, Noonan provides an overview of the life of John Paul II and explains how John Paul II inspired millions around the world through his greatness and goodness. That alone would make reading this book worthwhile. What I found particularly moving was the exploration of the impact John Paul II had on her own spiritual journey. Many of her fans may be surprised by Peggy’s description of her own life before the Pope helped her rediscover her faith. I certainly was.

If you are a fan of John Paul II, history, church history, theology or simply want an enjoyable read, you will not go wrong with John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father.

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There’s Something About Stephen (Harper)

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2006

Foreign conservatives are often a different breed than the conservatives we know and love here at home. The British conservatives led by David Cameron are a perfect example. Even Jacques Chirac is considered a center-right politician in France. Although usually preferable to their left-wing counterparts, many major conservative parties abroad fall short of conservative ideals. This does not appear to be the case in Canada. Something is different with our friends to the north.

One of readers recently wondered what brand of conservatism could we expect from the next prime Minister of Canada? Well, today Al Gore directed his irrational fury toward the incoming conservative government. Stephen Harper must be doing something right.

(Link via Drudge)

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Haleigh Poutre Update

Posted by Sal on January 27, 2006

The idea of persistent vegetative state is slowly being debunked by the continuing story of Haleigh Poutre. A week ago, she was on life support, and the SJC declared that DSS had the power to pull the plug. Then, she started breathing again on her own. Now, she is being moved out of intensive care into a Rehab facility because she picked up a Curious George stuffed toy and a yellow duck on command. Some idiots, however, are arguing that this increases the need to remove her from life support!

Some neurologists say Haleigh’s actions suggest she may have moved into a ”minimally conscious state,” in which patients are aware of their surroundings and can respond to commands.

That condition could sometimes strengthen arguments to withdraw life support, because such patients can feel pain, some medical ethicists said. Patients in a egetative state, on the other hand, are oblivious to the agony that is part of their life.

This is absurd! Here’s a young 11-year old girl, vastly improving in her condition in the space of a week, and people are still arguing to kill her. Where has the idea of the Sanctity of Life gone in this country? The way people are treating her life is immoral, criminal, and just plain sick.

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Kerry calls for Filibuster

Posted by Sal on January 27, 2006

In a move sure to increase his chances for nomination among the kook fringe of the Democratic party in 2008, Sen. John Kerry (D-PRMA), along with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-PRMA), called for a Filibuster on Sam Alito’s nomination. According to news reports, it is unlikely they will sustain it, but I believe it presents a no-win situation for the Democrats. If Kerry establishes himself as the liberal darling, he could provide serious opposition to “She who must not be named” in ’08, and his general election chances will be non-existent. If the Democrats do filibuster, the nuclear option will be employed successfully. Either way, Sam Alito gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

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Szczerbiak is a Celtic

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2006

The Boston Celtics have acquired Timberwolves forward Wally Szczerbiak. The Celtics now have two good players. After decades of mediocrity, the Celtics will now be decent. The long return to glory begins today.

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Expectation of Privacy — on a Library computer?

Posted by Sal on January 26, 2006

Mrs. Sal came across a story about a library in Newton where the FBI wanted access to a library computer where a potential terrorist threat was made from. The librarian refused to allow them access because they didn’t have a search warrant. In the words of Mrs. Sal:

Hello??? It was a potential terrorist threat. It’s a public building, and I believe the librarian could CONSENT to a search without a warrant. Makes me feel safe.

The liberals in this country are getting out of hand. No one has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” on a public library computer. A search warrant is supposed to be for unreasonable searches and seizures of private property, not public property. It took the FBI nine hours to get a warrant (by which time it was determined that there really was no threat). If this had been a real threat, and people had died because of a 9-hour wait for a warrant, would people be praising this woman? Use some common sense people! We’re at war, and the liberals are concerned about a right to privacy (which doesn’t exist in the constitution anyways) on a public piece of equipment. It makes my head hurt.

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One Special Person is Sad Today

Posted by Ryan on January 26, 2006

Helen Thomas is sad.
She wasn’t called on today.
Everyone else around her was called on today.
She doesn’t understand why Mr. President did not call on her today.
One special person is sad today.
Somewhere a liberal weeps,
Vaining empathy so as not to appear insensitive.


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The Unintentional Comedy of George Galloway

Posted by Mike on January 26, 2006

The BBC has the latest on George Galloway post- Big Brother. I know. I know. George Galloway’s sucking up to dictators and assistance to the U.N. in its oil for food scandal are more outrageous than his recent stint on the UK’s celebrity Big Brother where he, among other things, dressed in a leotard and imitated a cat, but his reflections on the reactions to his experience is just too rich. “Why are we talking about this? The world is in flames. The Liberal Democrat party is imploding… there is war and pestilence and disease in the world. Why are we talking on national radio for 10 minutes about me, for charity, pretending to be a cat? “

Hey Galloway, if a ten minute distraction on a radio talk show irritates you, what are your thoughts on your childish decision to take several weeks away from your duties as an MP while the world was supposedly falling apart? Of course your absence was probably the best gift you could have given your constituents and to the world. Not that it really matters anyway. With the adults in charge, your insane ideas really can’t see the light of day. At least not in the UK. Now if we can just have an election in France. . .

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Quite a Middle East Contrast

Posted by Ryan on January 26, 2006

Hamas’ victory is not cool. Palestine is a disjointed state in crisis, less from the Israelis and more from factions within their own sources of power. Check out Salinger’s link below for an account of what happened in the election.

In contrast, the nation that Hamas wants to destroy, Israel, tried to and almost did get Osama Bin Ladin back in 1996. Mossad nearly got him through their Egyptian liaisons. So on one hand we have Hamas prepared to work with Iran to destroy Israel, and Israel who was and is a valuable friend in the War on Terror, apparently even before we were fighting it!

Now, the Palestinians are not completely bonkers for supporting Hamas. Hamas has offered food, clothing, shelter, day care, and something close to police protection for Palestinians in Gaza for decades. Hamas has been the government in some areas out there. I am not being an apologist. It’s only that I believe that these things happen for a reason and in a context. I personally believe that Hamas’ social welfare actions are fundamentally underhanded, insidious, and rabble-rousing.

That being said, the Palestinians are still responsible for what they did yesterday and should not be surprised if we and other nations act in OUR self-interest, through the will of OUR people to lay the smackdown if need be. Hamas is a terrorist organization–social welfare issues or not! I believe you can watch babies and NOT blow up Jews at the same time! They have a choice to end the terrorism and join in the civil political process. This could be a great opportunity. However, it could be a step towards war and alienation. People make choices. The Palestinians did. Now they’ll have to deal with it.

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Robert Byrd to Support Alito; Cricket Chirping Heard in Chafee’s Office

Posted by Mike on January 26, 2006

Red is reporting that Senator Robert Byrd (D-KKK-WV) will support the confirmation of Sam Alito. Seems as if Byrd is listening to his constituents for a change. It’s funny how that happens when red state Democrats are up for re-election.

Now that even the former Klansman is on board, I reiterate my question. What are you waiting for Lincoln Chafee?

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Setback in the War on Terror

Posted by Sal on January 26, 2006

A major setback in the war on terror occurred today with Hamas being elected as the majority party in the Palestinian Parliament. Hamas is a terrorist organization which is intent on the destruction of Israel. The one problem with introducing democracy in the middle east is that sometimes people make the wrong choices (see U.S. Presidency, 1993-2000). The question is where to go from here. Does the U.S. negotiate with Hamas if they renounce violence and the destruction of Israel, and attempt to legitimize their movement? Do we let Israel attach Palestine and defeat Hamas once and for all? We’ll have to wait and see, but the war on terror just got a lot more complicated.

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Tsk, Tsk… Someone’s Not Popular…

Posted by Ryan on January 25, 2006

Drudge dug up this poll from CNN/Gallup that basically states the following points:

  1. 51% of America “won’t” vote for “She Who Must Not Be Named”
  2. 16% of America said that they definitely will vote for “She Who Must Not Be Named”
  3. 32% are “meh” on the whole thing at present

The good thing is, of course, is that she still carries favor and influence amongst many on the Left who believed that her husband, BJ Clinton himself (those are just his initals folks!) was the second coming (I’m sorry–it’s tough with these people!). Billy oversaw the Democrats losing Congress for the first time since we “liked Ike,” saw a majority of governorships sway Republican, witnessed a majority of state legislatures become Republican, and never once won a majority of the popular vote, even when only 46% of eligible voters showed up in 1996! If his wife’s going to save the Democratic party, then bring her on!

I feel that some attention must shown to polls like this, especially when dealing with a well known person. If only 16% of Americans said today that they would vote for George Allen in 2008, I can understand it because of a lack of name recognition, the nature of the question, or some other variable. “She Who Must Not Be Named” is already quite well known. Perhaps 16% is the number of Americans who do not visibly cringe when thinking about her taking the oath in January 2009! We’ll never know, since I doubt CNN is going to actually publish such a poll outside of a Bill “BS” Schneider PoliSci 101 crack analysis on “Inside Politics.”

Thank the folks at at for the picture!

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