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What are They Smoking?! . . .Oh, Right

Posted by Mike on January 3, 2006

Governor Donald Carcieri (R-RI) is a popular conservative in the deepest of blue states. Unfortunately, Rhode Islanders have yet to realize that the Governor they support is practically powerless due to the Democrat stranglehold on the legislative branch. The partisan breakdown of the two chambers is enough to churn the stomach of normal people out there. The Democrats control the House by a margin of 60-15 and Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Senate by a count of 33-5. It’s been that way since the 1930s yet somehow the good people of our former state just can’t figure out why there is so much corruption.

On a related topic, Little Rhody has legalized medicinal marijuana despite the veto of Governor Carcieri. I’m all for states rights on the drug issue. From a procedural perspective, I don’t dispute Rhode Island’s right under the U.S. Constitution to pass this hideous law. My objection is with the substance. Little Rhody appears to have its head in the clouds on this one.

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More evidence of Media Bias

Posted by Sal on January 3, 2006

The AP’s headline for the story on the guilty pleading of Jack Abrimoff reads “Top Republican lobbyist pleads guilty in corruption case.” Since when were lobbyists politically affiliated with political parties? By all accounts, Abrimoff was associated with members of congress from both parties, and in another story by the AP, may implicate up to 16 house members, both Republicans and Democrats.

The media bias here is unmistakable. A real headline should have read “Washington Lobbyist pleads guilty; may implicate up to 16 congressmen from both parties” or just simply “Lobbyist Abrimoff pleads guilty”. By labeling him as a Republican in the headline, it is providing the false impression that he is a Republican, and that Democrats are blameless in this matter.

Anyone who had illegal dealings with Abrimoff, Republican OR Democrat, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But the media is playing to their template of trying to sway people against the Republican party.

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Love Thee Notre Dame

Posted by Mike on January 3, 2006

Ugh. We’ll be back though.

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