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Kocham Polske

Posted by Mike on January 4, 2006

The Polish government is rounding up its elected officials with links to its former Communist leaders and stripping them of their ambassadorships. I enthusiastically applaud this move! Now before you libs start shrieking “McCarthyism,” I suggest you follow this link to refresh your memory of what those Communists were all about.

As someone who has visited Poland (thanks to Ola Dulkiewicz and Jakub Kozera), I speak with great fondness of our Polish friends. The people of Poland have witnessed first hand the horrors of Nazi and Communist tyranny. Undeterred, they faced down their oppressors with a fierce determination that make good people everywhere proud. During the struggle, they provided the world with a great man we will never forget. Today, it is clear Poland hasn’t forgotten. Kocham Polske!


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