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International “Dating”

Posted by Sal on January 12, 2006

My wife sent me an article on new federal regulations on people who do business with International “Marriage Brokers”. I agree with her, the business is morally dubious, but the regulations that the government is imposing is very Big Brother.

I just read an interesting ifeminist article on Fox News. It’s a commentary piece about an attachment to the Violence Against Women Act, The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005. This little-publicized act is aimed at the mail-order brides business. Now, I’m not commenting on the business but on the violation of privacy rights and how this law takes a “guilty until proven innocent” view of men seeking a bride. The act requires: (following is quoted from the article – italic emphasis is mine)

  • An international broker cannot provide contact or general information on a foreign woman to an American man unless that broker first collects and discloses to the woman the following information about the man: Every state of residence since the age of 18.
  • Current or previous marriages as well as how and when they terminated.
  • Information on children under 18.
  • Any arrest or conviction related to controlled substances, alcohol or prostitution, making no distinction on arrests not leading to conviction.
  • Any court orders, including temporary restraining orders, which are notoriously easy to procure.
  • Any arrest or conviction for crimes ranging from “homicide” to “child neglect”
  • Any arrest or conviction for “similar activity in violation of Federal, State or local criminal law” without specifying what “similar” means.

Something tells me that, and the myriad of other dating services in the United States don’t require this information!

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Chafee knows how to bring home the pork

Posted by Sal on January 12, 2006

Leave it to the most liberal Republican Senator in the nation to waste money on such a useless piece of pork barrel spending. For those of you familiar with RI, a new Visitor’s Center just opened on I-295 North, between exits 9 and 10 (Rt. 146 in Lincoln and Rt. 122 in Cumberland). This Visitor’s Center will sport a Dunkin Donuts, a Baskin Robins, and a Blackstone Valley Tourism office. All this for the everyday low price of $7 million, 80% of which comes from yours and my federal tax dollars.

I hereby renew the Axis of Right’s endorsement of Steve Laffey.

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