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Wasn’t Afghanistan a Quagmire Too?

Posted by Ryan on January 18, 2006

ABC News (if you can call it that) is reporting that the Pravda professed dinner where 17 civilians were killed in a bombing raid in Pakistan may have hit a major al Qaeda bombmaker. Kudos to our predator drones for a great job of killing bad people (and apparently those with whom they dine).

I also saw a clip on the BBC tonight spelling doom and gloom for the NATO and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Why? Because thousands of US troops will be leaving one of the four occupation sectors in Afghanistan based on our agreements with NATO and the situation on the ground. So it’s bad if we stay AND it’s bad if we go, especially since it’s the Dutch that are supposed to replace us in this resurgent Taliban hotbed! The USA’s hard-handed approach to terrorists in Afghanistan is something that the Dutch think may be unsustainable if America leaves that area. Well, I don’t disagree with that assessment, but in this quiet front in this War on Terror, the situation on the ground lends itself to American troop redeployment, OUT of that area.
Not bad.

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I Support Shadegg

Posted by Mike on January 18, 2006

The following are my views and do not necessarily reflect those of my fellow members of the Axis of Right. John Shadegg is the man who should serve as the next Majority Leader. Shadegg’s piece in today’s Wall Street Journal tells me this is a man who understands why conservatives support the Republican party.

The spirit of 1994 is exactly what the Republican party needs to recapture or this election will turn into the election of the next House Minority Whip. Limited government, lower taxes, respect for life, reform, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense are the bedrock principles of conservatism and those principles should be adhered to and advocated by the Republican party. Unlike many in our party, Shadegg has consistently fought for the principles we hold dear.

The Republican party of 1994 supported term limits based partly on how power can affect otherwise good people. The Republican party of 2005 is a perfect example. Their instincts to do good remains, but can anyone seriously overlook the abuse of earmarks in the budgeting process? How is it that the Republican party has allowed spending to grow out of control? Why did the Republican party create a new entitlement with their Meidcare prescription drug plan? I support President Bush as much as the next conservative, but isn’t it the responsibility of the legislative branch to reject the bad ideas of the other, even when the other branch is occupied by a member of your own party?

Please don’t misunderstand me and let’s not get carried away. Today’s Republican party governs far more responsibly than the Democrats ever could. Every liberal who utters the word “deficit” loses credibility when they talk about inadequate spending in health care, welfare, education, etc. They even lose credibility by opposing tax cuts which generate more revenue through economic growth. Of course this assumes liberals have credibility in the first place but I digress. The Democrat party is inferior even to a Republican party which appears to be losing its way, but this is no excuse to abandon our ideals. We are Republicans because the Republican party stands for the bedrock principles of conservatism.

The person best equipped and most committed to implementing those principles as Majority Leader is John Shadegg. A Republican who quotes Barry Goldwater by saying “a government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away” is a Republican who gets it. Not since Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan has a Republican leader articulated the benefits of limited government. Too many in our party seem to be forgetting why they were elected. John Shadegg hasn’t forgotten, at least not yet. Perhaps they day will come when Shadegg forgets. Then we will have to do this all over again. At this point in history, Shadegg is the man deserving to be a heartbeat away from the Speaker’s chair. Let’s capture the moment and return to the values that make the GOP America’s great political party. Shadegg for Majority Leader.

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A chilling day in Massachusetts

Posted by Sal on January 18, 2006

Back in November, I reported on a story here from the People’s Republic on 11-year old Haleigh Poutre, who is currently a ward of the state. Young Haleigh was injured in an alleged abuse case by her parents, and now the state wants to remove life support so they can charge the father with murder. This was going through the court system for some time, but the wonderful SJC of Massachusetts ruled today that the life support can end.

Where have we gone as a country when judges are deciding whether innocent people can live or die? Even in death penalty cases, a person must be sentenced to death by a jury of peers. In this case, and in the Terry Schiavo case, judges decreed that their life was forfeit. What bothers me most in this case is that the state itself id deciding that she should die so that a criminal charge can be brought. This is disgusting and chilling.

Thanks to my wife (Mrs. Sal) for pointing out the story.

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Encouraging signs of Originalism

Posted by Sal on January 18, 2006

In two major cases so far, Roberts has decided along with Scalia and Thomas, and even joining in on a famed Scalia dissent in the Oregon Assisted Suicide case. These early decisions are a sign that his jurisprudence may well align with Scalia and Thomas. Add Alito to the mix, and we’ll see the beginnings of a young Conservative majority. One or two more vacancies open up, and the court could begin a shift back to the Constitution.

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No War for Labatt Blue!

Posted by Mike on January 18, 2006

I believe we should hold off on invading Canada at least until after the upcoming election. After all, the socialists currently running the place aren’t polling very well.

UPDATE at 5:58 P.M. Link has been fixed.

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Bill Clinton Can Practice Law Again

Posted by Mike on January 18, 2006

The AP reports that President Clinton’s five-year suspension by the Arkansas Supreme Court ends this week. We all know of the events surrounding the suspension (well except the libs who seem to forget the lie occurred in the context of a sexual harassment lawsuit in which Clinton was the defendant). It seems that catching Osama Bin Laden wan’t the former President’s top priority after all.

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Attack Canada!

Posted by Sal on January 18, 2006

An article was brought to my attention yesterday that is rather funny. It is a December 30, 2005 Washington Post article that talkes about a (now declassified) contingency war plan to invade Canada. The article is written pretty tounge-in-cheek, but it describes a war plan that was crafted in the 20s and 30s in the event of a war with the UK. Definately worth a read.

Thanks to Cannon for this one.

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