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Democrats To Give Pre-Buttal to the State of the Union Address

Posted by Mike on January 20, 2006

And another liberal joke has become reality. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator No Nickname Needed Durbin are scheduled to give a “pre-buttal” to President Bush’s upcoming State of the Union address.

We conservatives have joked for a while now that liberals do not actually read or listen to anything the President says. For example, President Bush has given many speeches outlining our objectives in Iraq. Yet liberals manage to accuse the President of not having a plan. How can anyone say this with a straight face? How can anyone give a pre-buttal and keep a straight face? Answer: botox and more botox.

2 Responses to “Democrats To Give Pre-Buttal to the State of the Union Address”

  1. Ryan said

    This is completely amazing! Gauvin’s point is very well taken– they aren’t even going to listen, or even appear to listen ot their opposition. They will try to preempt the President’s message, and look petty as they try. Bush should have a second draft handy to make the Dems look even more pitiful.

  2. Iwanski said

    I disagree with about 95% of what you guys say, but you have a pretty interesting blog.

    Good work.

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