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Not So GLAAD About American Idol

Posted by Ryan on January 21, 2006

I personally like American Idol. I like music, I played in a college band around Providence back in the day, so I like to see what’s out there and encourage grassroots local music. I listen to the FUSE network to get a sense of new music, etc. American Idol’s first couple of weeks are usually a big laugh since they show the good, the bad and the “what the heck was that?!” Viewership usually falls thereafter, including my own.

So, GLAAD puts out this presser saying that American Idol is homophobic because of a few statements made by judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. But, I indeed saw both of the auditions in question and something didn’t sit right about the accusation:

  1. One fellow was, in fact, rather bad and Simon thought that he might be better singing in drag– there is apparently a niche for that kind of stuff. While I didn’t agree (this person should never sing in front of anyone), my sense of moral outrage was not piqued. But GLAAD apparently believes that it was a homophobic remark. The fact that he had ZERO singing talent, apparently did not factor into GLAAD’s equation.
  2. The second fellow was someone who really seemed not comfortable being a male. He wore high heels, had a quite androgynous haircut, and had an effeminate speaking voice and mannerisms. I thought he was a girl. So did my roommate. So did a friend I phoned immediately after. However, so did Randy, Simon and Paula: the judges. While better than the first person noted, he/she was still not up to par with many of the other auditioners– even those that did not make it through to the Hollywood rounds. He/she was rejected. The auditioner then told his/her mother and the cameras that the reason he/she was not selected is because they were homophobic. I had the sense that his/her lack of singing talent was more of the reason.

The point of this is that GLAAD is a liberal interest group trying to assert itself into relevance at the expense of others. They are trying to gain attention by knocking other people down. The person’s gayness had little to do with their inability to sing or have stage presense. In another audition, a guy dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, came in and sang “New York, New York.” He got through five words and all three judges sent him packing. Does that mean that the judges do not like America? Should their phones be tapped? Should the ACLU get involved? What’s the SCOTUS’ position on all of this? GLAAD should spend less time looking ridiculous and more time reading Tammy Bruce.

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Rove’s Back!

Posted by Ryan on January 21, 2006

FINALLY, the administration is going to maintain the offense, or so it seems from this article. Apparently, Rove wants to make the War on Terror the central issue in the 2006 campaign. Why not? Republicans have been winning on national security since 1946, and that does not look like it’s going to change soon. Even the mundane Scott McClellan has told the Dems to bring it on when it comes to the National Security issue. We’re winning in the polls on that issue.

Let the Dems talk about Iraq, Iran, nuclear proliferation, al qaeda. And let Nancy Pelosi be the face of that struggle against America’s national security interest around the world. Should I be this comfortable in January? Give me a reason to worry.

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