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Bob Casey Takes a Stand

Posted by Mike on January 24, 2006

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner has the latest give and take between Senator Rick Santorum and Democrat Bob Casey. Yesterday I pointed out that Santorum is doing what he needs to do if he wants to close the gap and win re-election. I also explained that Bob Casey needs to convince PA that he really is pro-life even though he is not. Today, Casey announced his support for Sam Alito. That was a good move. Let the masquerade begin!

Santorum’s response, as reported by the Corner, is decent. Waiting for advice from the mainstream media is not leadership. But what Santorum needs to do is remind Pennsylvanians of Democrats who run for office claiming to be pro-life but then fail to support conservative judges after they are elected. Failing to deliver such a reminder will allow Casey to hide behind his father’s good name before the election and then act like Harry Reid, the other “pro-life” Senate Democrat, after the election. This is why I believe the race is unfortunately Casey’s to lose.

UPDATE: This just hit me. How is it that a man whose strategy is to say nothing at all still manages to say more than Lincoln Chafee, a sitting Senator?

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They Make My Case

Posted by Ryan on January 24, 2006

Joel Stein has an article in the LA Times in which he unabashedly says that he does NOT support the troops. In fact, he calls the position whereby you don’t support Iraq, but support the troops to be “wussy”. I suggest our liberal friends read this article and think about their own position on Iraq: is it “wussy”?

Maybe you don’t agree with Stein, but even a lefty is picking on your waffling position. I hope more liberals write articles like this and it makes them think. It’s very helpful to the Republican cause this year.

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Take a Stand Senator Chafee

Posted by Mike on January 24, 2006

In today’s Pawtucket Times (yes there is such a paper), Steve Laffey offers his assesment of Senator Chafee’s indecision on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito: “As long as we have known Senator Chafee he has shied away from taking a firm stance on the critical issues of the day… Judge Alito has a 15-year record on the bench, he has gone through one full week of intense public hearings, and he has had private meetings with Senator Chafee. There appears to be no other reason for Senator Chafeeā€™s trademark hemming and hawing other than to weigh the political winds.”

I have often wondered whether Senator Chafee’s problem is that he is too willing to follow the crowd or if he is just a little slow. In either case, he is not serving the people of Rhode Island. On the one hand, the crowd Chafee usually follows includes She Who Must Not Be Named (a.k.a “The Wicked Witch of the East”), Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy, Barbara Boxer (“The Wicked Witch of the West”) and Senator No Nickname Needed Durbin. On the other hand, it is certainly troubling that Senator Chafee can’t seem to figure out where he stands on this issue even after the seemingly never-ending debate, voluminous information published by those both for and against Alito’s confirmation and the slanderous rantings of Ted Kennedy.

Steve Laffey favors the nomination of Judge Alito. The Axis of Right favors Steve Laffey.

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God Keep Your Land Glorious and Free

Posted by Mike on January 24, 2006

The people of Canada have spoken and the left has lost another election. Congratulations to Stephen Harper, the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Hat tip to Pardon My English for the photo.

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Cornell Medical: Killing of a 2000-year-old tradition.

Posted by Sal on January 24, 2006

For over 2000 years, doctors have taken an oath to do no harm known as the Hippocratic oath. Well, in this age of procured abortion on demand and assisted suicide, Cornell Medical decided that the Hippocratic oath was no longer valid, and created their own oath. Here are the results:

I do solemnly vow, to that which I value and hold most dear:
That I
will honor the Profession of Medicine, be just and generous to its members, and
help sustain them in their service to humanity;
That just as I have learned
from those who preceded me, so will I instruct those who follow me in the
science and the art of medicine;
That I will recognize the limits of my
knowledge and pursue lifelong learning to better care for the sick and to
prevent illness;
That I will seek the counsel of others when they are more
expert so as to fulfill my obligation to those who are entrusted to my care;
That I will not withdraw from my patients in their time of need;
That I
will lead my life and practice my art with integrity and honor, using my power
That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of my patients that
is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep in confidence;
That into whatever
house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick;
That I will
maintain this sacred trust, holding myself far aloof from wrong, from
corrupting, from the tempting of others to vice;
That above all else I will
serve the highest interests of my patients through the practice of my science
and my art;
That I will be an advocate for patients in need and strive for
justice in the care of the sick.
I now turn to my calling, promising to
preserve its finest traditions, with the reward of a long experience in the joy
of healing.
I make this vow freely and upon my honor.

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