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Tsk, Tsk… Someone’s Not Popular…

Posted by Ryan on January 25, 2006

Drudge dug up this poll from CNN/Gallup that basically states the following points:

  1. 51% of America “won’t” vote for “She Who Must Not Be Named”
  2. 16% of America said that they definitely will vote for “She Who Must Not Be Named”
  3. 32% are “meh” on the whole thing at present

The good thing is, of course, is that she still carries favor and influence amongst many on the Left who believed that her husband, BJ Clinton himself (those are just his initals folks!) was the second coming (I’m sorry–it’s tough with these people!). Billy oversaw the Democrats losing Congress for the first time since we “liked Ike,” saw a majority of governorships sway Republican, witnessed a majority of state legislatures become Republican, and never once won a majority of the popular vote, even when only 46% of eligible voters showed up in 1996! If his wife’s going to save the Democratic party, then bring her on!

I feel that some attention must shown to polls like this, especially when dealing with a well known person. If only 16% of Americans said today that they would vote for George Allen in 2008, I can understand it because of a lack of name recognition, the nature of the question, or some other variable. “She Who Must Not Be Named” is already quite well known. Perhaps 16% is the number of Americans who do not visibly cringe when thinking about her taking the oath in January 2009! We’ll never know, since I doubt CNN is going to actually publish such a poll outside of a Bill “BS” Schneider PoliSci 101 crack analysis on “Inside Politics.”

Thank the folks at at for the picture!

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Get Your Hopes Up

Posted by Mike on January 25, 2006

So apparently, Theo Epstein will return as GM of the Boston Red Sox, winners of 6 World Series out of the 101 played. Live it up Beantown!

Epstein’s return to the GM position is good news for Boston but fear not Yankee fans. No baseball season is complete without Red Sox fans getting their hopes up. While Boston was playing musical front office chairs, the Yanks signed Johnny Damon and stocked the bullpen. The stage is set for a run at #27. Reverse that!

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No Brokeback Mountain for You!

Posted by Mike on January 25, 2006

How long will it be before some liberal cites this as an example of the Administration not supporting the troops? (Link via Drudge)

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