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Setback in the War on Terror

Posted by Sal on January 26, 2006

A major setback in the war on terror occurred today with Hamas being elected as the majority party in the Palestinian Parliament. Hamas is a terrorist organization which is intent on the destruction of Israel. The one problem with introducing democracy in the middle east is that sometimes people make the wrong choices (see U.S. Presidency, 1993-2000). The question is where to go from here. Does the U.S. negotiate with Hamas if they renounce violence and the destruction of Israel, and attempt to legitimize their movement? Do we let Israel attach Palestine and defeat Hamas once and for all? We’ll have to wait and see, but the war on terror just got a lot more complicated.

One Response to “Setback in the War on Terror”

  1. Ryan said

    Just because they had a democratic election, does not mean that we have to like the results, or treat those results as a signal that the US MUST necessarily deal with them. We can apply diplomatic pressure, make demands with strings attached, and threaten to cut off or reduce aid– all of which would be horrible for the people out there.

    If these people want to vote for policies and people ready to embrace war (read: “Israel must be destroyed”-type comments), and do so in large numbers, they must know that they will, for the fifth time in 70 years, get their butts kicked.

    That’s what the deal is with democracy. We make choices and must live with them.

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