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Kerry calls for Filibuster

Posted by Sal on January 27, 2006

In a move sure to increase his chances for nomination among the kook fringe of the Democratic party in 2008, Sen. John Kerry (D-PRMA), along with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-PRMA), called for a Filibuster on Sam Alito’s nomination. According to news reports, it is unlikely they will sustain it, but I believe it presents a no-win situation for the Democrats. If Kerry establishes himself as the liberal darling, he could provide serious opposition to “She who must not be named” in ’08, and his general election chances will be non-existent. If the Democrats do filibuster, the nuclear option will be employed successfully. Either way, Sam Alito gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

3 Responses to “Kerry calls for Filibuster”

  1. noonan said

    GOP might not even need to use the “nuclear option” if Dems try to filibuster. A number of Dems have already announced they would not filibuster, including NE Nelson, Salazar, Dorgan & one other. Reid has also said it would be more of a symbolic gesture.

  2. Gauvin said

    I believe this was a good move for Kerry for that very reason. The Democrats have allowed just enough of their members to oppose a filibuster to prevent the constitutional option. Now Kerry can appeal to the moonbats by starting an inneffective filibuster. He needs those moonbats to have any shot of building an organization to help him compete with She Who Must Nt Be Named.

    This will of course place him in Howard Dean land and make her look reasonable in comparison to rank and file primary voters who will actually decide the primary.

  3. Chris said

    Tell me that Kerry didn’t take his marching orders from The NY “Slimes” and I’ll try to sell you a bridge over the East River. It seems Rush was thinking today the same thing I am.

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