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There’s Something About Stephen (Harper)

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2006

Foreign conservatives are often a different breed than the conservatives we know and love here at home. The British conservatives led by David Cameron are a perfect example. Even Jacques Chirac is considered a center-right politician in France. Although usually preferable to their left-wing counterparts, many major conservative parties abroad fall short of conservative ideals. This does not appear to be the case in Canada. Something is different with our friends to the north.

One of readers recently wondered what brand of conservatism could we expect from the next prime Minister of Canada? Well, today Al Gore directed his irrational fury toward the incoming conservative government. Stephen Harper must be doing something right.

(Link via Drudge)

3 Responses to “There’s Something About Stephen (Harper)”

  1. noonan said

    hey Gauvin, thanks for the link. Besides environmentalism, do we know where the tories stand on abortion, religious freedom, taxes, etc…?

  2. noonan said

    By the way, don’t know if anybody boycotts groups that support pro-choice, but new addition may be Target, who, like Walgreens, has now fired a pharmacist in contravention of a conscientious objection to not fill abortifacient prescriptions under threat of a PP boycott.

  3. Salinger said

    Your point is well-taken, Noonan, but one thing to remember is that not all politicians who are generally on our side, but may not be perfect. In a democracy, it is not always possible to get everything we want at any given time. Not all leaders will stand on our side for everything. What we must do is twofold:

    1) Fight for our ideals by constantly bringing them to the forefront. Stay consistant and criticize our party and other like-minded conservatives when they don’t do something we agree with, but praise them when they do, even if it is someone we don’t always like.

    2) Take victories where we can. Work for incremental change. 20 years ago (or even 10), who would have thought that we’d be where we are today, with the mainstream media falling apart, the alternative media taking over, a Supreme Court on the verge of tilting towards originalism for a generation, and an administration who is trying to make incremental change in domestic policy. As we all know, Bush isn’t perfect. He is way too loose on accepting the out-of-control spending of congress, he introduced a wasteful new entitlement in the perscription drug benefit, and he let Ted Kennedy write the Education bill. But he has also taken a remarkable leadership position in the War on Terror, cut taxes more than any President (with the exception of Ronald Reagan, of course), and has put what appears to be two originalists on the Supreme Court, which may go a long way to reversing Roe v. Wade at some point in the future, as well as many other radical past decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    We don’t know everything about Stephen Harper yet. From all appearances, however, he is a step away from the radical liberalism of recent Canadian politics, and a step towards normalcy and the right direction. We should give him the benefit of the doubt unless he proves otherwise.

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