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Republicans Supporting Liberals

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2006

Lincoln Chafee has made a career out of infuriating conservatives but Blanton at Red State has a good post on the equally outageous support of this liberal by national Republicans:

“What should be most disturbing for Republicans is that, despite Lincoln proving constantly that he is not a team player, but an indecisive wuss on all issues, Elizabeth Dole’s NRSC has continued to support him in his primary against Mr. Laffey. If Chafee will not vote for President Bush in an election and will not support the President’s nominations to the Supreme Court, he is no better than having a Democrat and the NRSC should stop all help for him.”

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Chafee to Oppose Alito

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2006

Lincoln Chafee will vote no on the confirmation of Judge Alito. The Axis of Right hereby renews its endorsement of Steve Laffey. My check to the Laffey campaign is in the mail. It is time for Rhode Island Republicans to make it clear to Senator Chafee that he has outlived his uselessness in Washington. Laffey for Senate!

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Very touching Blog

Posted by Sal on January 30, 2006

I came across a very touching blog this morning, called Some Soldier’s Mom. The blog is by a mother of two U.S. Soldiers, one who is stationed in VA currently, and one who was wounded in Iraq in August of 2005. If you go back and browse her posts, from Jan. 05 when her son was deployed, to August 05 when she found out he was seriously injured, to now, it is a very touching display of the heroism of the soldiers in Iraq, as well as the families that they leave behind here who every day have to live with the fear that their son won’t return. This woman is also an American hero. In the face of her son’s injury, and all the while that she was deployed, she stayed firmly committed to Victory. This is the anti-Cindy Sheehan, a portrait of the vast majority of the family members of our service men and women. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for people like this woman and her son.

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Irrational Hatred of America

Posted by Sal on January 30, 2006

I want to highlight a comment that was left to a previous post I wrote on the American people’s feelings on the NSA wiretaps and a potential war with Iran. The comment was left by a reader from Australia, and is a perfect illustration of the irrational hatred of America by so much of the rest of the world, and is a perfect illustration of propaganda vs. hard fact. I did my best not to call him a commie, or insult him (because that’s supposedly all we conservatives do, is name-call), even though he did basically call me a Nazi (standard response of the left).

I’d also ask that all regular readers and contributors to the Axis of Right add your thoughts to that post. I’d like to show our Australian friend a good cross-section of the intelligent argument and fact-based commentary that Conservatives really are all about.

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