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Chafee to Oppose Alito

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2006

Lincoln Chafee will vote no on the confirmation of Judge Alito. The Axis of Right hereby renews its endorsement of Steve Laffey. My check to the Laffey campaign is in the mail. It is time for Rhode Island Republicans to make it clear to Senator Chafee that he has outlived his uselessness in Washington. Laffey for Senate!

4 Responses to “Chafee to Oppose Alito”

  1. Salinger said

    The GOP Senate Election committee should drop its support for Lincoln Chafee immediately. The fact that he declares himself a Republican at all is a complete farse.

  2. Ryan said

    I have refused all of Liddy Dole’s attemts to elicit money from me BECAUSE of their support of Linc “Sniff Sniff” Chafee. I have told them as much as well.

  3. noonan said

    I agree, out with Chafee. Good luck RI

  4. Ryan said

    This just in…
    I was just watching the confirmation live and it seemed that Chafee did not vote in the first round of voting from what I could tell. Reed obviously voted no, but Chafee has a little guilt I think.

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