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Irrational Hatred of America

Posted by Sal on January 30, 2006

I want to highlight a comment that was left to a previous post I wrote on the American people’s feelings on the NSA wiretaps and a potential war with Iran. The comment was left by a reader from Australia, and is a perfect illustration of the irrational hatred of America by so much of the rest of the world, and is a perfect illustration of propaganda vs. hard fact. I did my best not to call him a commie, or insult him (because that’s supposedly all we conservatives do, is name-call), even though he did basically call me a Nazi (standard response of the left).

I’d also ask that all regular readers and contributors to the Axis of Right add your thoughts to that post. I’d like to show our Australian friend a good cross-section of the intelligent argument and fact-based commentary that Conservatives really are all about.

5 Responses to “Irrational Hatred of America”

  1. Cannon said

    It sounds like somebody’s got a case of Mondays….

    A post like this reveals a shocking level of ignorance about the United States and world history in general. No nation on Earth guarantees the same level of personal freedom and Constitutional protection.

    Admittedly, no nation is perfect, either; even the United States has made mistakes. Indeed, the argument that this is one of those mistakes is not meritless. Nevertheless, equating the USA to Stalin and calling conservatives Nazis is not the most effective way to make your case.

    If this anonymous poster wants to participate in this arena of ideas, it would be best for him to take a timeout, breath into a paper bag, or whatever else he needs to get the blood pressure down. Then, perhaps he will be in the best position to make a reasonable, thought-out argument.

  2. Matt said

    Well said cannon. Another thing that I find interesting is how so many people refer to this country as the bully of the world. We are by far the most generous nation in the world. The charitable giving of private American citizens (not including government aid) totaled nearly $250 billion in 2004… far more than any other country. That’s a new concept… a bully who opens up his wallet and gives away some of his lunch money!

  3. Anonymous said

    Sounds like I am correct. Didn’t liek my views so I’m censored.

    My last three posts are extremely reasonable and worded so as not to offend, but that’s not good enough. You got the shits and took your bat and ball as we say down here.

    I likened the far right censorship to totalitarian regimes to which you objected then imposed a totalitarian censorship.

    Just like GWB. Freedom and democracy and free speech for all the world – AS LONG AS IT’s OUR VIEW OF WHAT THAT MEANS.

    Now if you think that’s harsh – grant me the freedom to discuss in a reasonable and respectful manner.

    The offer’s there – your decision!

  4. Anonymous said

    Just a follow up to correct your statement. I have NO HATRED of America rational or irrational. ‘some of my best friends are Americans’ It has done many positive things in the world, it has done some less positive and should allow free discussion of that. I also love Australia, but our own country has some history that does not show us in a great light – The stolen generation though well meaning, perhaps one of our saddest, but we are prepared to admit and discuss it.

  5. rightonoz said

    To Cannon and Matt

    I have a VERY in depth knowledge of world history and have to point out a couple of errors. (I’d be happy to debate on any period you wish)

    Now I am not attacking you or the US in this , however the reality is, like many countries, there have been very unfortunate incidents in your past, and possibly present.

    The US has no more freedoms than many countries, and in the past has displayed a shocking lack of. (McCarthyism, Civil Rights). Many other countries are equally as bad or worse.

    Like Britain, France, Germany etc before them, the US has been an Imperial power, ruthlessly putting down an independence movement in the Phillipines earlier this century. In this it is no better nor worse than these other countries.

    Some sectors of the US display a lack of interest in open debate today.

    In terms of charity from the US, much has been given, I admit, however much has had strings attached. The withdrawl of aid to certain member(s) of the Micronesia who wanted independence from the US and the suspicious death of at least one pro independance leader. There are other countries who give more freely at significant per capita rates.

    The US is indeed charitable, but my point is not necessarily any better (nor perhaps any worse)than many other countries. Australia for instance gave $billions to Indonesia after the Tsunami, a country who’s leaders have consistently attacked us and who’s exptremists murdered over 80 Australians in Bali, and who continue to attack our tourists there.

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