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Now Minnesota Wants ID

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2006

Uh-oh. It looks like Minnesota is considering requiring voters to {gulp} show ID at the polls. Once again, guess which party supports requiring voters to prove they are who they say they are? Guess which party is opposes it? Don’t be too hard on the libs though. They need to regroup. If this passes, how are dead people supposed to turn out in droves? I think I sense a baby blue state turning red.

Remember this story the next time you hear some moonbat lib whining about fair elections.

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Who is Steve Laffey?

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2006

This is the question I hear most frequently after telling people Lincoln Chafee needs to be defeated. The question is often asked in various ways. Is Laffey conservative? Can Laffey in Rhode Island? Yes and yes.

Steve Laffey is for the most part a conservative. That is not to say he is as solid as Senator Tom Coburn, but he is far less annoying than Chuck Hagel and far more conservative than the Bobbsey twins up in Maine. He is certainly a significant improvement over Lincoln Chafee. After all, Laffey is pro-life, supports the war on terror, including the front in Iraq, spending reductions and President Bush’s tax cuts.

Even conservatives inclined to support Chafee only do so for pragmatic reasons. No conservative likes or even respects Lincoln Chafee. But there are some conservatives out there who do not want a Democrat to win the seat and rightly recognize that Lincoln Chafee is one vote in support of Republican control of the Senate. The party people (my term for those who blindly support Republicans) are right in that Chafee will win the general election if he defeats Steve Laffey. If that happens, the seat remains in liberal hands, albeit liberal Republican hands.

The electability question is important. Steve Laffey is electable despite his conservatism because he is a conservative who focuses his energy on conservative issues supported even by a majority of Rhode Islanders. Steve Laffey is a man who effectively addresses everyday problems, infuriates labor bosses, and stands up to the ACLU on Christmas. It is a formula proven successful in Cranston, a liberal city which occasionally swings Republican. Rhode Island Republicans who win Cranston in a statewide election always carry Warwick as well and win. Laffey owns Cranston. The two Democrat candidates in the race include an abrasive fool and a nobody. Laffey can and probably will defeat either of the Democrats in the general election. Lord knows he’ll have practice against a Democrat in the primary.

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Another notch in the RINO board

Posted by Sal on January 31, 2006

In today’s Alito vote, Chafee has added another notch in our RINO (Republican in Name Only) board, and now takes the lead with 3.

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Congratulations Justice Alito!

Posted by Sal on January 31, 2006

Axis of Right extends its congratulations to the newest Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, Justice Samuel Alito, by a vote of 58-42. The court now moves further towards the role the constitution intended!

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Is She Still Talking?

Posted by Ryan on January 31, 2006

I just couldn’t let this one go. According to Drudge, CNN’s Fay Wray herself, Christiane Amanpour, would rather be in the mass-murdering arms of that big ape, Saddam Hussein, because, were you aware that now it’s a disaster over there? Apparently, her statements went under the radar beause it was reported on, of all places, CNN.

When she was in Baghdad back in the day, CNN gained exclusive access to Iraq since they were the only American news agency who had a deal to stay in Iraq IF they did not report anything bad. As it turns out, Michael Moore was the only one watching the coverage of the idyllic paradise of Saddam’s New Babylon Spa and Retreat.

CNN whistleblower Eason Jordan spilled the beans back in early 2003 about CNN’s relationship with Saddam– you don’t report the rape rooms and torture chambers, we’ll let you stay in Baghdad. CNN obliged. I’ve voluntarily watched maybe a total of an hour of CNN in the last 3 years as a result. That’s more than many others simply because of that egregiously disgraceful behavior. Apparently for CNN the story is more important than the people involved, as Amanpour proved yet again last night.

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