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Interpreting Polls

Posted by Sal on February 28, 2006

A new CBS News Poll shows Bush at all-time low approval ratings of 34%, and that they think he is doing a poor job in the war on Terror in a 51% to 43% margin.

However, points out the following about the poll:

“Total Republicans” contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.
“Total Democrats” contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.
“Total Independents” contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.

This is in contrast to the party affiliation of Americans, based on the results of the 2004 election and other polls conducted in 2005 to confirm, is as follows:

30% Republican
33% Democrat
37% Independent

In this poll, the weighted poll shows 37% Democrats and 28% Republicans, with the remaining being independent. This gives the Democrats a 5% swing in number of respondents, thus making the entire poll bogus.

While it is true that Bush is down lately (Rasmussen, the most accurate of all pollsters, has Bush at 43%), the CBS poll is an example of shameless partisanship in the name of “scientific” polling. It just goes to prove the old saying penned by the eloquent Mark Twain: “There are three types of lies — Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.”

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Stupid Criminals 101

Posted by Sal on February 28, 2006

A woman in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, recently had her house broken into and items from her purse stolen. The police were able to apprehend the culprit rather quickly, however. He left his parole and probation cards behind in the woman’s house.

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Nomination for Laura Ingraham’s Lie of the Day

Posted by Mike on February 27, 2006

The “Lie of the Day” is a regular feature on The Laura Ingraham Show. I would like to nominate She Who Must Not Be Named for today’s Lie of the Day for this comment about Karl Rove: “He spends more time thinking about my political future than I do.”


Link via Drudge

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The Base of “the Base” Gets Hit

Posted by Ryan on February 25, 2006

The Saudi’s are getting blown up again. Al Qaeda is going back to its roots of blowing things up with multiple attacks on symbolic targets, this time oil. We just got gas below $2 on Route 18 down in Jersey, too!

Here’s my advice to the Saudi Royal Ruling Family:

  • If you don’t want terrorism, stop training little terrorists in your madras schools.
  • Stop funding international jihad schools in susceptible third world Muslim nations, which graduate Salafi jihadists all the time (I wonder if with their diploma comes with a suicide belt, some plastique, and directions to a public square in Israel…hmm), some of whom tried to blow up your oil centers the other day.
  • Realize and embrace the notion that there is, in fact, a War on Terror going on and that contributing to the bad guys is actually not doing you any favors.
  • Also, here in the West, we understand your plight, but don’t want to hear your complaining until you start really doing something about the problem!

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Antonin Scalia: His place in History

Posted by Sal on February 25, 2006

I’ve recently begun reading the book Scalia’s Dissents, which gives a good insight into the judicial philosophy and influence of Justice Antonin Scalia. One of the areas that struck me was his contribution to the definition of the terms “Originalism” and “Textualism”. These judicial philosophies found their expression in Scalia, and he has done more to shape these philosophies than any other justice. Until Scalia came to the Supreme Court, the Conservatives were few and their philosophies were largely not defined. Conservatism in general recognized the problem of activist judges, and the damage that they have done to our Republic by virtue of their self-proclaimed role as philosopher-kings. Antonin Scalia was appointed to the court, and it was thought that he’d be a welcome Conservative addition to the likes of White and Rehnquist, and a brilliant legal mind.

Scalia went a step further and defined a philosophy. In his dissents and his lectures, he outlined and popularized the concepts of Originalism vs. Original Intent, and Textualism vs. Strict Constructionism. His philosophy has shown itself to be consistent and in line with his Constitutional role, as demonstrated by cases in which he has gone against political Conservative policy goals in favor of the text of the law and of the Constitution.

Scalia is to Conservative Judicial philosophy what Kirk, Buckley, Goldwater, Reagan, Limbaugh, and Gingrich are to Political Conservatism — a pioneer who helped define a philosophy that will remain present in our politics and in our legal system long after he leaves the court.

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Livingstone Opens His Mouth Yet Again

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

I support free speech. Any suspension or removal from office should be done through the political process. BUT, Powerline’s title says it. This is merely the latest idiotic comment from London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

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Rocky Point Flashback

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Rocky Point has faded into our memories since closing in 1996. Thankfully, those memories are being preserved thanks to the internets. Turn down the volume if you’re at work when checking out Joe Nisil’s Rocky Point site for some pretty cool pics of Rocky Point in its heyday as well as in 2001. This link has also has some pics and other interesting tidbits about the park. The pics are sad to see but the trip down Memory Lane will be worth it.

Photo courtesy of

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Neglecting Old Glory

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Today’s edition of New York’s best newspaper has a special piece on the worn out American flags scattered throughout New York city. Unfortunately this shame is not limited to the city.

As an anecdote, there is a house in my family’s neighborhood in Rhode Island which displays a tattered American flag. Of course the flag is also displayed upside down and the bumpers on the cars in their driveway are covered in leftist propaganda, which suggests to me that the flag display was probably done intentionally.

I’m sure most instances of worn out and damaged flags are the result of unintentional neglect rather than intentional desecration. Whether intentional or not, greater care should be taken. Many soldiers have fought and died for what that flag represents. Those who would desecrate that symbol are just sick. Those who are merely careless should probably pay more attention.

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No Fun Down Under for Clinton

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Australia’s Medway Golf Club recently refused entry to former President Clinton. The club stated that they could not deprive their paying customers of a round, even for an ex-President. I especially appreciated the reaction of club members to the news:

“We would have played with him — golf, that is.”
-Lorraine Bramley, club member

“”We can’t deprive the paying members of their golf, even for an ex-president. . . But it would have been a buzz for the ladies. There’s no Monica Lewinsky here — we’re better.”
-Wendy Allen, club member

It looks like you have your legacy Mr. President!

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Air Force One and the Golden Dome

Posted by Mike on February 23, 2006

It’s pretty cool when Air Force One flies over your campus. As a Notre Dame student, I was fortunate enough to see Air Force One fly by the Golden Dome on a number of occasions. President Bush frequently visits the South Bend area, or Michiana to those in the know. I suppose this is because part of South Bend is located in a competitive House district. Fundraising trips are certainly justified in those situations.

Brendan Loy has an awesome pic of the latest Presidential fly by.

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Another take on the Ports

Posted by Sal on February 23, 2006

Earlier today I outlined my trepidation with jumping on the bandwagon for being against the UAE port deal. Turns out that another element was introduced to my thinking. Rush Limbaugh is coming out, if not in favor of the deal, at least not opposed. His points are interesting, and should be carefully considered. Rush is one of the pillars of the Conservative movement, the person who not only popularized the Conservative thought of others such as Reagan and Buckley, but also established the New Media and bring the Conservative Ideology to the mainstream (also playing a key role in my education in Conservative thought). His attitude about the ports only adds to my uncertainty.

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That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

Posted by Mike on February 23, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named reiterated her opposition to school choice on Tuesday. Her reason for opposing this common sense reform? In her own words: “So what if the next parent comes and says, ‘I want to send my child to the School of the Jihad? … I won’t stand for it.”

Never mind the fact that any school or parents who support a school that preaches violence against the U.S. would be immediately arrested, or worse, wiretapped. Although those within 200 yards of this woman would require earplugs, I really hope she keeps talking.

I support school choice because I believe competition will improve the greatest number of schools but I also recognize some of the legitimate arguments against the idea. One who opposes school choice does not need to refer to Jihad schools to get her point across. If this is any indication of She Who Must Not Be Named’s political skills, then her family will never infest the White House again.

UPDATE (2:09 P.M.) Michelle Malkin has the video

Thanks to Newsday for the article

Thanks to PBS for the photo

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Bolton Takes U.N. Diplomats to America

Posted by Mike on February 23, 2006

John Bolton took some U.N. folk to a Knicks game here in NYC last night. Bolton’s hope was to remove the diplomats from their “bubble” so they could get a taste of America. I’m not sure it worked.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yishan described his approach to the evening: “Forget about the security, forget about the peace, you just enjoy yourself.” I thought forgetting about peace and security was part of the U.N. job description. I guess we should just be thankful that the ambassadors did not try to pass a resolution condemning Miami Heat hegemony.

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Conflicted on UAE

Posted by Sal on February 23, 2006

I’ve followed with interest the debate over the Dubai company purchasing ownership of the company that currently manages American ports. I have to admit, I’ve found myself to be rather conflicted on the whole issue. The national security component is still being handled by the Coast Guard, and the pro-free trade side of me is wondering what the implications are if this deal goes south?

Obviously National Security trumps almost any other interest, and if national security were to be compromised in this deal, I’d be dead-set against it. The trouble I’m having is that I’m not sure that I’m convinced that national security would be compromised. This same company also has performed repair work on our military ships, and owns ports around the world where our other ships and most of the cargo comes from.

I’m not saying that I am for this deal, and I’m probably leaning against this deal just on the premise that one can’t be too careful when dealing with our security. But I do have questions, and I am far from certain.

On another angle, it is hilarious (and somewhat disturbing) to see the Democrats pouncing on this issue, when they have repeatedly obstructed attempts by the President to strengthen our security. I also find it disingenous of congress to attack the administration for executing the laws for foreign business transactions that they themselves set up.

Overall, this is a very multi-facited issue with many dimensions. I think it will take a while before it is all sorted out and we get the full picture. In the mean time, I’ll be watching with a careful eye, and attempting to evaluate the facts rather than the spin from the media and from the Democrats.

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Making abortion illegal

Posted by Sal on February 23, 2006

A law has been passed making abortion illegal in South Dakota. The purpose of the law is to directly challenge the Supreme Court to re-rule on the constitutionality of abortion.

While I certainly agree wholeheartedly with the law in question, I think it is a mistake to attempt to pass these laws at this time. The court is still not made up of a majority of justices who interpret the constitution as originally intended. Only two judges are sure bets — Scalia and Thomas — and two others are promising hopefuls — Roberts and Alito. On the wing of the court that believes it is up to the justices to make policy are Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg, and Souter. In the wishy-washy camp is Kennedy. I don’t think that even if Roberts and Alito pan out as solid originalists, the law will be overturned at this time. Kennedy’s history shows that while he may favor some limited restrictions on abortion, he definitely doesn’t favor an all-out ban. See Casey vs. Planned Parenthood.

This premature passing of the law may turn out to do more harm than good for the pro-life cause. By forcing the issue now, we may end up with one more hurdle of precedent to overcome when it comes up for a vote again.

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Stanford Tree Cut Down

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Not exactly. This is picture of Stanford’s recently fired mascot passed out on the floor after getting wasted during the first half of a basketball game. Apparently, her blood-alcohol content was measured at .157.

Stanford has a tree for a mascot because it is politically incorrect to have an Indian. Fear not, a new tree will be planted in time for the PAC 10 tournament.

Photo courtesy of Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Link via Brendan Loy. (The Irish Trojan).

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Second Amendment: A Winning Issue

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Back in the late 1990s, Republicans were terrified of the gun issue, often highlighting their support for modest gun control. The tables have turned. Democrat Senate candidate Bob Casey is making it known that like Senator Santorum, he opposes gun control. While this should help Casey politically with the middle of the road types in PA, it is also encouraging.

It’s encouraging because even though our candidate is losing, our ideas are winning. The Democrats have to run a “pro-life”, pro-gun candidate to beat Santorum. We are winning the battle of ideas. This often happens a little too slowly for our tastes, but it is still happening.

NOTE: The article requires readers to input something like three pieces of info to continue on to page 2. It only takes a couple of seconds.

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To Buy or Not Dubai?

Posted by Ryan on February 22, 2006

To expand on Gauvin’s post from the other day, bipartisan anger has erupted over the Dubai, UAE port deal. I find that the immediate negative reaction to this is both good and bad:

  • We’re sensible in that we have a knee-jerk distrust of Middle Eastern nations that appeared 18 times in the 9/11 Report concerning funding and members of that attack.
  • However, in an evermore globalized world, deals like this are likely to occur more often. China owns many of the West coast companies that handle those ports. Are they more or less of a strategic danger than islamofascism? Could the UAE be trading vital info with us being from such a strategically important region?

My problem is that the UAE needs to come clean on many of the connections that they had with terrorists in the past. If they are to deal with us in a sensitive security area, this issue needs vetting and much divulsion. I would implore it before any deal. THEN, once that is transparent, passes the smell-test AND public debate, then cool.

Plus, Bush tried to appoint Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court, and as Gauvin pointed out, Jimmah Carter agrees with this deal, immediately leading me to be suspicious. Bush is not infallible, but I have, so far, trusted his instincts on national security. I would hate to think that this becomes an issue whereby the Dems have an opportunity to take this issue, split the Republicans on national security, and win a majority in November.

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Gore Certainly Isn’t Silent, and He Has No Majority

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Roger Stone at the New York Observer has a pretty good take on the similarities between the pre-1968 Richard Nixon and sore loser Al Gore. Stone contends that the similarities suggest AL Gore is well positioned to run for President again and that he would be formidable in a Democrat primary against She Who Must Not Be Named.

I agree with Stone. Gore has done an excellent job of feeding red meat to the hard left. She Who Must Not Be Named would have a fight on her hands. That is where the similarities end.

Al Gore could not win a general election. To his credit, Stone stops short of saying that. In 1968, Richard Nixon tapped into the “silent majority” of Americans who were fed up with the lawlessness of the late sixties. Al Gore’s post 2000 shenanigans place him far outside the mainstream of American politics. Among other things, Gore has traveled to foreign countries to bash a wartime President, supported appeasement, shrilly accused the President of betraying his country, and articulated an extreme left wing environmental agenda. Gore is well positioned to run a strong primary fight but he would be toast in the general election if he ever got that far again.

It would be fun to watch though.

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America’s newest Cardinal

Posted by Sal on February 22, 2006

Congratulations to Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley, who has been elevated to the rank of Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal O’Malley has had a very difficult time leading the Archdiocese of Boston following the horrible and tragic priest abuse scandal there, and coming on the heels of the resignation of Cardinal Law. The simplicity in the way he lives his personal life, and his dedication to the Church, are inspiring and deserving of the honor with which he has been bestowed.

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Today’s Lesson for Red Sox Fans: Counting

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

For the first time in your lives Red Sox fans, you know what those shiny things on Mr. Steinbrenner’s fingers are. They’re called World Series rings. You get one of those when you win the World Series. Please notice that Mr. Steinbrenner is wearing World Series ringS. That “S” is to indicate the plural of “ring”. You see, Yankee fans under the age of 88 have experienced more than one World Series victory and unlike you, we look forward to several more.

For the record, Mr. Steinbrenner could not wear all of his World Series rings because that would be quite a workout. You see, he has four others at home.

Oh yes, the lesson.

Yankees———– Red Sox


Which side has more? I can’t really see. Mr. Steinbrenner’s bling bling is blinding. Oh yeah, it won’t take us 86 years to win another one. Enjoy the season.

Thanks to Newsday for the photo

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Governor Rendell to Veto Voter ID Requirement

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) says he will veto legislation requiring voters to prove that they are who they say they are before they can vote. Why is it always Democrats who oppose requiring people to prove that they are who they say they are before they can vote? When it comes to voter fraud, it is not both parties who do it. I’m still waiting for that Republican opposition to requiring voter ID at the polls.

Remember this story the next time you hear a Democrat whining about fraud after losing an election.

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The Mind of a Liberal, European Feminist

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

I recently ate lunch at a pub near my workplace which I refer to as my “secure undisclosed location” and struck up a conversation with the bartender. Little did I know I would treated to a peep show into the mind of a European leftist. Two things struck me as odd. First, the liberal habit of adopting inaccurate and outdated perceptions as current fact. Second, the sense of entitlement was simply mind boggling.

The bartender was generally a pleasant woman. Conversation wandered to New York City and the economy. I was “informed” that unemployment is currently at the highest levels in decades. I responded that unemployment is actually under 5 percent, one of the lowest levels in history. But no, the feminist said that “statistics show” high unemployment. Recognizing the futility of discussing reality, I let her talk. As Dolores O’Riordan would say “there’s no need to argue anymore.”

This is something liberals do all the time. Of course, the U.S. was sliding into recession when She Who Must Not Be Named’s husband was leaving office and tough times continued in the aftermath of September 11. We all know liberals pretended it was the Jimmy Carter economy all over again. That claim was nonsense. Although it was a recession, it was hardly the Great Depression Part Two. So the claim was basically untrue then and completely untrue now. This is a specific example of how liberals take an outdated and inaccurate perception and cite that perception as a fact. All the Venona projects and Saddam tapes in the world cannot shake the libs from their alternate reality.

The woman’s sense of entitlement was also rather European. The economy came up as a topic because some of her family members were in transitional periods and job searching. Explaining the difficulty of looking for a job, she bemoaned the fact that the government is doing nothing for those who need a job. Of course, the government is responsible for our well-being. That George Bush is simply a monster. Why didn’t I think of that?

Later in the conversation she told me that cannot return to Europe when she eventually leaves NYC because she sees Europeans taking their prosperity for granted. In addition, she sees Europe as in the crossfire between the United States and the Middle East. After telling me she was a liberal feminist (N.S. Sherlock), she elaborated that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the religion of peace. This is where she started to make a little sense. The conversation continued into smalltalk, I wished her well, paid my bill and left.

More of these people can be found in New York City than almost anywhere. It’s nice to know that some liberals are not actually foaming at the mouth (though most are). But it’s also sad that some people believe what they believe not because of fact and not because of any solid value system. Facts are what Michael Moore cuts and pastes onto a movie screen and then airbrushes out. Values are nothing more or less than what you are personally entitled to. It’s a sad fact that some people are simply trapped on the left.

We occasionally hear of liberals becoming conservative. This usually occurs when they pay taxes, have children or see their country attacked. Perhaps it is some other event which allows liberals to see the error of their ways or the emptiness of their thoughts. I pray that all liberals receive a wake up call at some point in their lives.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Posted by Sal on February 21, 2006

This has to be one of my favorite times of the year. The snow is starting to melt, spring is on the horizon, and hopefully will bring with it warmer weather, and most importantly, Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Spring Training. As I eagerly await that first pitch on Opening Day, all I can say is Go Yankees!

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First major Abortion case for the Roberts Court

Posted by Sal on February 21, 2006

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the first major abortion case of the newly-constituted Roberts Court. The case in question deals with the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban, which was struck down by a Nebraska court almost immediately after the law was passed. This could be the first case that places limits on abortion to come out of the court in 20 years. In the last case relating to Partial Birth abortion, the decision was 5-4 in favor of overturning a state ban. The four judges against were Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, and Kennedy. This time, it is hopeful that the decision will become a 5-4 decision with Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, and hopefully Kennedy, to ban this abhorrent practice.

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UAE Company in Charge of American Ports?

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

A deal was recently made whereby control of six American ports would be given to a company from the United Arab Emirates. I have opposed this deal since the news broke. Maybe I should reconsider. Today we learn Jimmy Carter is defending the Bush administration over the deal. Now we know this is a bad idea.

Link via Drudge

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Johnston, RI — Home of Landfills and ????

Posted by Sal on February 21, 2006

For those of you from RI, or who have lived in or near RI for a period of time, a recent article has Donald Trump wanting to build a casino, in, of all places, Johnston, RI.

I don’t know if words can do this story justice. One of my favorite quotes from the article:

”This would be the largest commercial interest besides the central landfill, and, unfortunately, that’s what the town is more or less known for”

Has Trump lost his mind?

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Santorum Still in Trouble

Posted by Mike on February 20, 2006

The latest Rasmussen poll shows an essentially unchanged Senate race in Pennsylvania with our boy trailing by 16 points, 52%-36%. Hopefully, Casey will open his mouth at some point this year. If that happens, the race tightens due to each candidate’s respective campaigning skills. To his credit, Casey is still mum. Until further notice, this one is in the likely Democrat column.

At least Casey is pro-life. I’ll keep that in mind when Senator Casey pulls a Reid (also “pro-life”) and votes down originalist judges who would be more likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.

CURRENT PROJECTION: Likely Democrat (Democrat pickup).

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Repost: Media Finds Religion?

Posted by Mike on February 19, 2006

This post generated much discussion but has been pushed into the archives. I’m reposting it for those who want to continue the discussion. Click here to skip the post and go directly to the comments section.

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Are We Going to San Francisco?

Posted by Mike on February 19, 2006

Last week, the Republican National Committee asked 31 cities to enter bids to host the 2008 Republican Convention. Chicago has already bowed out. This morning,WABC Radio’s Andrew Wilkow made a pretty compelling argument for San Francisco. Just imagine the liberal moonbat shenanigans the entire country would witness. If political points can be scored by showing the country what you’re not, the GOP may very well want San Francisco as their stage.

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