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Wal-Mart, Massachusetts and Whore Pills

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2006

Three women are suing Wal-Mart over the store’s refusal to stock morning-after pills (or as Jimmy Fallon on SNL once called them, “whore pills”). A court decision on this issue might not be a case of judicial activism. The ridiculous policy that a private company must stock whore pills may be required by a state regulation requiring stores to stock “commonly prescribed medicines”.

The courts might not be to blame if the women can force Wal-Mart to sell them whore pills. Blame the elected officials in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts who drafted the ambiguous regulation. If any lawmaking body classified the whore pills as medicine in the past, the court would be bound to rule in favor of the women.

Massachusetts: Whore pills aplenty.

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McCain Supporting Shadeeg

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2006

John McCain is not a favorite of the Axis of Right but I commend him for his strong support of John Shadegg for Majority Leader. Few Republicans are as solid on curbing wasteful spending as John McCain. McCain’s support should give the Axis-endorsed John Shadegg a boost.

I will remember this in the 2008 primary. (Don’t get your hopes up Smigel you still have along way to go).

Link to Hotline via the Corner

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Anti-Catholicism strikes again

Posted by Sal on February 1, 2006

The State of New Hampshire, this time, is attacking the beliefs of the Catholic Church head-on. In what is probably a well-intentioned proposal, the NH State Legislature is requiring all Catholic Clergy and other employees of Catholic Churches to report any and all instances of possible sexual abuse, no matter what. This sounds rather straightforward and something most people would agree with. However, the law would also require Catholic Priests to even disclose the contents of a Confession to law enforcement. For those of you who are not Catholic or familiar with Church practices, the practice of Confession is considered to be a Sacred act, where a Penitent confesses their sins to God, with the Priest as a mediator, and receives absolution and forgiveness for those sins. In order to encourage people to be open and honest in this Sacrament, the Catholic Church does not allow priests to ever divulge the contents of the Confession. In fact, the Church takes this belief in the sanctity of confession so seriously that an automatic penalty of excommunication exists for any Priest to violate this seal of confession.

One interesting thing to note is that the new law does not apply to Doctor-patient privilege, attorney-client privilege, or any other existing privilege, only priest-penitent privilege.

This example of blatant prohibition of the free exercise of the Catholic Church’s religious beliefs is wrong, and needs to be stopped.

Thanks to Mrs. Sal for the link.

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Here Come the Irish

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2006

Charlie Weis rules! This past season, Coach Weis returned the University of College Football to national prominence. Today we learn that Weis followed up this return to glory with one of the top recruiting classes in the country. Remember, recruiting classes are evaluated on current talent level. The impact of future coaching is not considered. Only Notre Dame recruits will benefit from the coaching genius of Charlie Weis. Charlie’s successful first season featured players recruited by former coaches. Imagine the future Irish program led by Charlie Weis and stocked with his own recruits.

WE ARE N-D! And we’re back!

Thanks to the AP for the Photo.

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Bush Wins Again

Posted by Ryan on February 1, 2006

I saw the speech. I saw the talking heads. I heard about the rebuttal. And I spoke with some of the libs at work for their reaction. I also read this. I have to say that this one was pretty good. It was forceful, had lots of ideas, but also it was real. I did not like every little bit of his proposals, but on defense, social security and new sources and types of energy, I was pleased. Also, he pushed market-oriented solutions to some of our current problems. I mean, he’s not Ronaldus Magnus, but he earned a high B+ for the effort.

The Dems did nothing to help their image last night, however. The one time they chose to ovate without a cue from the Republicans dealt with being proud of a dismal failure to act– social security. My first reaction was to text a friend the word “asses”, because that’s just what they looked like. Pure, unabashed obstructionists. Maybe the fringe 15-20% of their base absolutely loved that. I’m sure Cindy Sheehan would have been giddy (HA!). But cheering so loudly after being told that inaction has only made the problem worse made them look like jerks. You could tell that Bush thought so too!

PS: could someone slip Cin-Cin the name of a good psychiatrist? Her meds have been a little off over the last seven months or so.

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