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Could it be true?

Posted by Sal on February 2, 2006

I’m hoping beyond hope that this article from is accurate, which reports that Justice John Paul Stevens is preparing to retire, possibly this year, because he wants to retire under a Republican president (go figure.) If that is the case, prepare for the mother of all Supreme Court battles, in what could create a reliable 5-4 originalist majority for decades. Bring on Janice Rogers Brown!

Unfortunately, it probably is too good to be true. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep wishing for it! Who knows, stranger things have happened!

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Chafee vs. Laffey at the NRSC

Posted by Sal on February 2, 2006

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has a page attacking Steve Laffey. The funny part is, they also have a comments section, which are filled with anti-Chafee, pro-Laffey comments. Maybe the NRSC should rethink its position?

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New House Majority Leader

Posted by Sal on February 2, 2006

Axis of Right congratulates Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) for winning the Majority Leader post 122-109, after Shadegg dropped out following the first ballot in which it was Blunt 110, Boehner 79, Shadegg 40.

Congratulations to Re. Boehner. Even though he was not endorsed by the Axis of Right, I think he will be a better majority leader than Blunt, just because he has not been in the leadership over the past several years. If he can bring back the spirit of ’94, all power to him.

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Happy Groundhog Day

Posted by Mike on February 2, 2006

Does anyone know if she saw her shadow? Does she even cast a shadow?

Photo courtesy of some brave Reuters photographer who now has to learn braille.

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Return of Fiscal Responsibility?

Posted by Sal on February 2, 2006

Sens. Coburn and McCain have sent a letter to their Senate colleagues stating that they will invoke Senate rules this year to force every single earmark proposal (an earmark is basically a pork-barrel spending project that a Senator inserts into a bill to benefit his or her own district, such as the famous now-defunct Bridge to Nowhere ($315 million) or the Visitor’s Center in RI on I-295 north ($7 million)).

Although this is only a first step in reforming the earmark process, this could help to finally bring fiscal discipline to the Senate. Kudos to both Coburn and McCain.

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It takes a village…

Posted by Sal on February 2, 2006

The Connecticut State Legislature is attempting to take over the role of parents in raising children. A new bill would ban the sale of any kind of soda, soft drink, and any sugared drink in all public schools (including Diet Sodas, which have no calories) in an attempt to control the nutrition of students. Now, I can somewhat understand the sale of soda in elementary schools, as some medical evidence shows that diet soda in young children can cause growth issues, but in high school? The government really needs to stop usurping the role of the parent, and let parents raise their children.

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