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Taxpayer Rip-off of the Week

Posted by Mike on February 3, 2006

Steve Laffey’s website offers a weekly feature called “Taxpayer Rip-off of the Week.” In addition to highlighting the absurd waste coming out of Washington, the existence of this feature tells us Steve Laffey realizes that tax dollars do not belong the government. They belong to the people. It’s a shame Lincoln Chafee never grasped this concept.

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Is Alito another O’Conner?

Posted by Sal on February 3, 2006

Much has been made in the past day about Sam Alito’s joining with Kennedy, Ginsburg, Stevens, Souter, and Breyer on a Death Penalty Case. However, Conservatives should not get concerned this early. The case dealt with a death row inmate who was granted a stay of execution by the court of appeals. The issue before the supreme court was whether or not to vacate the stay of the court of appeals. It wasn’t even on whether or not to grant a stay, nor was it a ruling on the merits of the case. Being his first day on the job, I can understand how Alito would not want to overrule a court of appeals decision quickly. Rush Limbaugh also had some other good points to make on the issue, which include:

  • During the hearings, Alito stated that he would provide a fifth vote as a matter of judicial courtesy in the review of death penalty cases (note this is review, not decisions on the merits) because of the life-and-death matter of the cases.
  • The Supreme court has a tradition, not always but usually followed, of not having 5-4 decisions in decisions on whether or not to review a death penalty case. In may cases, if there are as many as four of the nine who what to allow another review/appeal, one or two more justices would jump on board.

Even Thomas and Scalia have occasionally shown up on the opposite side of cases. Let’s not get all concerned yet.

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