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At the crossroads?

Posted by Sal on February 6, 2006

Are we at the crossroads to a full-scale World War III? The violence over the weekend surrounding a cartoon that depicted the prophet Muhammad is very troubling. I feel that in general, satirization of religious figures, such as Muhammad, Jesus, or others is a bad idea. People have deeply rooted beliefs in these matters, and there really is no reason to inflame them. That said, the papers had the absolute right to print the columns, and the reaction on the Muslim street is troubling. Several people have died in the riots, embassy’s have burned, and there appears to be no sign of the violence letting up, all because of a simple, albeit disrespectful, cartoon.

Why was there no reaction when a dozen or so Muslims flew planes into buildings, or bombed the tube in London? We may very well be at the crossroads to a third world war, this one between the West and the Muslim world. Many in this country, including myself, hope it doesn’t come to that. Fighting a targeted enemy such as Al Qaida, or even the Iraqi insurgency, will look like a cakewalk compared to the difficulties in fighting 1/5 of the world’s population. God help us all.

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