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Enough with the Bad Calls

Posted by Ryan on February 7, 2006

I’m not one to usually complain about this, but the NFL has had a series of bad calls, especially in the playoffs, benefiting every team one way or another. I was upset about a pass interference call against the Pats in the Divisional playoffs against the Broncos, but liked one of the later calls that went the Patriot’s way later that game. The Pats lost, but it was because of their performance, not the refs.

Now, Mike Holmgren went off in Seattle in front of the disappointed Seahawks fans about three particularly bad calls by the refs in the Super Bowl. There were bad calls: Hasselbeck’s “block”, the non-touchdown by Big Ben, etc. But even though the Seahawks kept it close early, the Steelers just plain beat them, calls or not.

As a Pats fan, and a fan of the “tuck” rule, I didn’t want to hear the bellyaching from the Raiders back in the 2001-02 playoff snow game. If the game is going to come down to just a call or two, victory was probably not that certain and calls in those cases were just as likely to go your way as well. Enough of that! They beat you, Seattle. Cope. You’re as bad as libs! Beat them next year.

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