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Evangelical Input Encouraged by Old Media

Posted by Mike on February 8, 2006

The old media seems to be encouraging evangelical participation in the political process now that some of them are supporting legislation designed to reduce global warming. I disagree with their position but welcome their participation. The article does not question the imposition of religious values on political discourse. There is nothing about the religious right’s political influence.

All of sudden evangelical opinions based on religious values are valid according to the old media. I’ll keep that in mind the next time they write a story about abortion.

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Never Trust a Clinton

Posted by Mike on February 8, 2006

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named actually believes she can convince the American people that she and her pack of peaceniks would fight a more effective war on terror than President Bush. Elaborating on this preposterous claim, the socialist pig asserted: “You cannot explain to me why we have not captured or killed the tallest man in Afghanistan.” Actually dear, we can.

Maybe if our former President could have taken time away from some of his {ehem} distractions, he would have realized that a war against international terrorism should be fought with bombs, daisy cutters and intelligence gathering rather than with indictments, subpoenae and amicus briefs. The Democrat party has been an utter disgrace on matters of national security for decades. President Clinton was no exception.

Now, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named thinks she can criticize President Bush’s policies which have led to the dismantling of the overwhelming majority of the Al Qaeda network while hoping the American people forget the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the embassy bombings in Africa, the Khobar towers and the U.S.S. Cole. These people can and will take a back seat to President Bush on the issue of national security.

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Sadaam’s WMD’s….Revealed?

Posted by Sal on February 8, 2006

Congress apparently has recently obtained 12 hours of audio tape from the regime of Sadaam Hussein, which purportedly has answers to what happened to Sadaam’s WMDs. (Note: To say that Sadaam didn’t have WMDs is factually false. We do know for a fact that he did have them in 1998 when he kicked the inspectors out of Iraq. What we don’t know is where they went, when or if they were destroyed, etc.).

The contents of these tapes are going to be publicly released on February 17. This should be an interesting one to watch.

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Defending abortion by invoking a respect for life?

Posted by Sal on February 8, 2006

A story was brought to my attention by Mrs. Sal about a Polish woman who is taking legal action against Poland through the EU court of human rights. The woman was faced with possibly damaging her eyesight by giving birth. Poland’s laws, however, only allow abortion in cases where the mother’s life is in jeopardy.

The woman’s claim is that by denying the abortion, the government of Poland is violating articles of the EU Constitution which protect the right to respect for human life, and forbidding humiliating and degrading treatment.

I pity this woman’s situation with her eyesight, but at the same time it does not justify the killing of a human life. Poland is entitled to have a strict law regarding abortion, and the EU should not invalidate that law. What is ironic is that this woman is claiming the very respect for life that she wished to deny her own child.

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Now Go Away Or I Shall Taunt You a Second Time-ah

Posted by Mike on February 8, 2006

Tasteless and offensive cartoons are printed, triggering riots by Islamofascists. Free speech but monkey Jacques Chirac’s response is to condemn the newspapers for printing the cartoons. President George W. Bush rightly focused his rhetoric on the savages who terrorize millions by burning embassies and threatening attacks on residents of countries who enjoy freedom of expression. The difference between America and continental Europe could not be clearer. God Bless America!

(Laura Ingraham listeners know that “but monkeys” are people who pay lip service to a particular value, then say the word “but” followed by an explanation of why they seek to undermine that value).

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What? Are You Serious?

Posted by Ryan on February 8, 2006

Drudge had a feature today about that travesty which took place yesterday at Coretta Scott King’s funeral observance.

Jimmy Carter is a jerk. Plain and simple. He had a horrible presidency: bad economy he made worse through hidebound policies, total cabinet reshuffle because of ineptness, Operation Desert 1’s failure, not sending two planes over Tehran in 1979 to “handle” Khomeini leading us to an angry, possibly nuclear Islamofascist state within a few years. Thanks Peanut-head! I even thought that Carter was rehabilitating himself with the UN election watching in the 1990s, but since GWB he’s simply made an ass out of himself on many occasions, harming the nation in the process, yet again.

King’s funeral was an opportunity to come together to share in a common sentiment that all Consitutional rights count for all Americans, and that she and her late husband contributed positively to our view of American Democracy today.

Carter and the good Reverend Lowery made a mockery, “Paul Wellstone-style,” of the entire affair by bringing up Iraq AND Katrina. Are they serious? Disrespecting the dead at their memorial ceremony. Have they no class at all? This is an election year. There will plenty of time for angry speeches about Iraq and the Katrina aftermath, but the memorial service for Coretta Scott King was NOT one of them. Another reason why I don’t vote for Democrats. Still none of them have, so far, made any real critical comments about Carter and the Reverend.

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