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Abolish FISA

Posted by Sal on February 9, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Editorial page on makes a convincing case for the abolishment of the FISA statute. It argues that in national security matters, having judicial oversight on wiretaps is akin to having judicial oversight on whether the U.S. military can invade Falujha. Why should one single judge, the article adds, have veto power over the combined judgment of the NSA, Justice Department, and Executive Branch? What makes a lawyer in a black robe so special that he or she can determine whether probable cause (a fairly high standard) is enough to protect our national security? Would you want to wake up and read in the papers tomorrow that there was a major terrorist attack on an American city and it could have been prevented, except that the FISA judge denied a request for a warrant? As the article points out, there is a check on the President abusing his wiretap authority. It’s called elections.

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They’re Coming To Take Him Away Ha Ha They’re Coming To Take Him Away Ho Ho Hee Hee

Posted by Mike on February 9, 2006

According to Drudge, Howard Dean is now afraid that President Bush is going to turn the country into Iran. This man needs help. As a Republican, I suppose I should be enjoying these psychotic ramblings but at the same time it’s a little sad.

I’d also like to point the ironic fact that we didn’t hear a peep out of Democrats when President Jimmah Carter sat back and allowed Iran to turn into Iran. Maybe the face of the Democrat party is just trying to rewrite history. Nice try psycho.

Click here to listen to the Howard Dean theme song.

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Successes in the War on Terror

Posted by Sal on February 9, 2006

I’m glad President Bush is highlighting actual successes in the War on Terror, with his account of a 9/11-like attack that was foiled in 2002. Much of the success in the war on terror cannot be publicized, due to national security reasons. But when the White House can put forth these events, it should as a way of showing the American people that there are still terrorists who want to slaughter innocent American citizens. The War on Terror has not been won, and it is far from over — but we are winning.

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Laffey Picks Up Another Endorsement

Posted by Mike on February 9, 2006

National Review has endorsed Steve Laffey in the Rhode Island Senate race. This endorsement adds tremendous credibility to an already fledgling Laffey campaign. National Review was instrumental in the rise of modern conservatism. Back when our ideas were out of the mainstream, William F. Buckley created an intellectual arena for conservatives to exchange ideas and spread the message about the virtues of limited government, lower taxes and a strong national defense. The environment created by National Review helped pave the way for such giants as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

National Review enjoys its superb reputation because of the ideas it espouses. The magazine does not support candidates just so its political party can win. It is about implementing ideas. The endorsement of any publication alone should not be the sole factor in determining who to vote for but when National Review speaks, conservatives listen. Steve Laffey’s message will be heard during the primary. It will be up to Rhode Island Republicans and independents to do right thing. Vote Laffey!

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Barbour is Out

Posted by Mike on February 9, 2006

My decision-making process for 2008 just got a little easier. Haley Barbour took himself out of the running for President in 2008 yesterday. I was considering supporting Barbour, possibly over George Allen. Barbour is an effective Governor and an extraordinary spokesman for conservatism. In fact, I consider Barbour to be the last competent Republican talking head.

As RNC Chairman in 1994, Barbour’s folksy style and common sense rhetoric contributed to the GOP landslide. Barbour also has a way showing America what fools the mainstream media are. His response to a reporter’s question about a possible Vice Presidential run: “Why would a Republican pick a running mate from Mississippi?” Heh.

As far as 2008 is concerned, I’m currently leaning toward Allen but haven’t made up my mind. I’ll keep you posted.

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